How to Write an Essay?

Writing an essay is an annoying and challenging task for most students. It may seem like a less important obligation compared to exams, but it is simply impossible to skip the duty of this type. The only solution left is to find the easiest method to write an essay. The question is – how to do that? 

Fortunately, the online world makes things easier. You will need to spend less time on research and preparation. However, if you want to reach the best possible results, then you will have to go through a couple of stages. Let’s find them out together!

Get Properly Prepared!

The entire process starts before you even start writing. The preparation process is actually the most important one as you will resolve all the potential obstacles that could appear in the further stages. 

For starters, you need to understand all the assignments related to deadlines and the length of the essay. If necessary, visit your mentor in person and find answers to all the doubts that could potentially reduce the quality of your work later. 

After that, it is essential to define your topic and create the outline of the entire essay before you even start writing. Finding a topic is probably going to be tough, but our suggestion is not to spend a lot of energy on looking for something unique! All the topics are already analyzed in almost every field, so you may need to combine two or more topics and try to write something creative that way! 

Research as Much as You Need 

As mentioned, the online world is a helpful research tool. You can find all the relevant pieces of information there with a couple of clicks. However, we strongly recommend you do not speed up the process at all! 

All the resources you find need to be reliable! If they are fake or simply wrong, then your essay will lose value and you will “ruin your reputation”. Check out every possible information you can find a couple of times and ensure every statement you make in the essay has strong support and correct support! 

Write Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

You already know the three main parts of the essay are introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the way you schedule your essay matters a lot! 

The introduction should not be longer than 15% of the entire content. It is the place where you simply need to hook (btw, this is the name of the first essay sentence) the reader and grab his attention. In that part, you should shortly explain the thesis statement, and analyze all the topics and subtopics you will cover in the essay. Do that with a high dose of creativity as the introduction needs to be engaging! 

The body is, logically, the longest part of the essay. It should be between 60 and 80 percent of the entire content. It is recommendable that you divide the entire section with subheadings while all the paragraphs should be shorter. Here you should provide all the evidence that supports all the arguments within the text. 

In the end, the conclusion should not be longer than 10% of the entire text. The essay authors focus here on the thesis statement and repeat the arguments as well as evidence they shared throughout the essay. There is no place for new arguments, statements, and other stuff! The body section is ideal for everything you wanted to say!

Proofreading and Editing

The last task you have is to proofread and edit the entire text. People sometimes do not focus too much on the quality and engagement of the content while writing. It is a much better option to do that with a clear mind. If creative writing is not your main talent, we recommend you hire the best essay writing service company to do that instead of you. It is much better to hire professionals that have experience with this sort of task. 


These four steps will certainly make the entire process a lot easier! Prepare properly with relevant and trusted resources and a good outline and ensure that you understand all the assignments! Write with creativity in mind or simply hire a professional that will boost the engagement of the text. Everything seems a lot easier now, doesn’t it?

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