What Are The 10 Features of Academic Writing?


Various school levels, especially universities and colleges expect learners to be able to successfully produce any academic work. This is why students find it important to fulfill assignments, essays, and other tasks with adherence to strict guidelines.

And considering school stress, we always advise students to find academic writing help to assist them with menial tasks. Especially for important paper assignments, using a professional essay writing service will also be of great assistance. The Professionals in these services have a solid knowledge of developing amazing content to even help you meet your instructor’s standards.

However, some students still like to work out their writings themselves. For this set of learners, drafting professional content may seem difficult. Honestly, it is very simple if you follow the key features of writing one. So, what are these key features? Continue reading and find out the features to maintain a professional academic write-up.

10 Features of Academic Writing


Planning is a very important step to anything in life. Academically, it is also a valid step every student aiming for success in his writing tasks must observe. Take your time to plan every part of the task. 

Do proper research followed by constructive planning of what you’ll like to write. Don’t just rush into it, plan every bit; it makes everything easier. 


Organize and put your planned work into a well-structured sequence. Every aspect of any academic writing fits differently into different segments. So, make sure to organize to avoid inserting an aspect in the wrong segment.


A professional paper must exhibit total simplicity. Try as much as possible to keep things simple rather than making them complex and hard to grasp. Avoid unnecessary grammar and figurative language that may complicate and make the whole paper complex.

A simple essay makes it easy for the reader to read and properly understand without stress: It also attracts more marks since you won’t be stressing your teacher.  


Formality is a very crucial aspect of any academic work. Avoid using slang and a playful/casual tone. Make your writing as formal as possible by relating words with only accepted subjects or courses. The use of improper wordings may deem your paper playful and may even attract mark penalties.


From studying the content writing of college students, we can say this is the hardest requirement to abide by. Writing about your thoughts on a particular assignment doesn’t fascinate any college professor. 

Rather, your paper should emphasize the taught or studied arguments with neatly derived conclusions. Yes! Also, remember to avoid personalized opinions with words like “I” and “me”.


Ensure every aspect of your writing is clear, specific, and concisely written from well-researched topics. Don’t try adding your opinions on a particular matter without any candid and arguable reason. Just flow with what is required from you with concise and clear plots.  


Accuracy is a compulsory aspect of any academic writing. Students should always provide accurate details, data, and information with background references in their writings. Your write-up must also come from a reliable source to support any idea and data evidence. 


Keep your information short and precise. Avoid providing excess details on any course you’re assigned to. Moreover, trying to be extra will only make your contents verbose, which may repel marks. Write with preciseness in mind to keep your content specific, short, and under the word limit. 


Be ready to take responsibility for your academic writings without procrastination. This is why writing a professional and formal essay is important. No one is going to take the responsibility for your work. Not your parents or friends can do that. In the case of project defense, you should also be able to back your papers without fear. 


Management is another key factor in writing a professional paper. Take control of the risk and be ready to organize your facts and arguments for a professional document. 


We’ve taken our time to explain 10 features you must meet to fulfill successful academic writing. If the stress of writing one is already scaring you, work with an online essay service and get professionals to do the work. Otherwise, follow our ideas in this review to start creating that eye-catching essay today.

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