Guidelines For Students To Write A Perfect Essay

A student might have to write an essay for various reasons: it should be an exam or a project. Either way, you can master the art of writing an essay if you heed this guide. That’s right! This guide works as a ‘checklist’ for you to write excellent essays whenever you like. So, here are the points that matter: 

  1. Understand The Topic 

You will be given a topic. Take your time to understand it. What does understanding mean? There are three factors for you to focus on. But before that, let’s take a topic for an example: Discuss The Future Of Cryptocurrency. 

  • Focus On The Subject

First, you will have to analyze the topic to understand the subject. There is always a subject given in the topic. In this case, it is cryptocurrency.

  • Don’t Deviate From The Topic

Often, people branch out and away from the topic. In this case, the topic discusses the ‘future’ of cryptocurrency. So, stick to that. Don’t start talking about the future of investment or branch off to NFTs and other forms of investment. A future of cryptocurrency would mean you need to talk about what to expect from it. 

  • What Is The Objective Of The Essay?

Understand what is asked of you from the essay. The keyword here is ‘discuss.’ It means that you’re free to take any route. In some cases, you will get a ‘for or against’ type of topic. 

If the topic were ‘Shed Some Light On Cryptocurrency,’ you would focus on helping the readers learn about it. But, this is a discussion. So, you will have to keep the tone in that manner. 

  • Follow The Structure 

There’s a specific structure to writing an essay. It shouldn’t feel like you’re all over the place. However, it is easy to follow the format: 

  • Introduction

An introduction is always about what a reader can expect from your essay. It is like a short but vague version of your entire project. You can save it for the last if you’d like. 

  • Body

The body of the essay will contain complete information. There are different formats, but keep the paragraphs short. It is one of the best ways to capture a reader’s attention. 

Ensure that a new paragraph picks a fresh point or reinforces the previous one. A well-defined body makes an impression. 

  • Conclusion 

Your conclusion shall be compelling and firm. It should act as a closing statement that proves your essay. Make sure that the entire topic is wrapped in a paragraph of conclusion. 

  1. Authenticate Your Essay

You might have to prove your points. At least, provide a compelling essay with correct sentences. For that, you will have to follow these points: 

  • Research The Topic

Most Essay writing projects will give you enough time to conduct research. Only in examinations, you might not get enough time. Either way, you can research to get yourself well-informed on the topic before you begin. 

  • Always Show Your Reasoning 

One of the best ways to write a compelling essay is to show your reasoning. Where are you coming from? What is your reasoning behind the thought process, statement, or writing? These things work as a great way of convincing the person reviewing your essay. 

  • Cite The Sources

If you have used sources, references, research, or quotations, make sure to cite them. This is an excellent practice for essays that require you to conduct research. For literature essays, you can keep things straightforward and stick to the reasoning and evidence.  

  • How To Write An Essay? 

Now, let’s come down to the crucial part of the guide: How to write an essay? In most cases, you might know, but here are some pointers that will help you out: 

  • Write In A Clear Way

Often, students try to use a complex vocabulary. They also aim to fabricate complex sentences. These can make an impression, but not if they feel out of place. Keep things simple, concise and clear. 

There’s no need to appear artistic or add a creative zest to the writing. A straightforward approach is more admirable in most cases. 

  • Grammar Is Integral 

Make sure to have impeccable spelling. There shouldn’t be any mistakes in punctuation. If you can use things like semicolons, commas, brackets, etc., correctly and impressively, that will score more points.

The grammatical command will make all the difference in an essay. So, make sure to have proficiency in the language you write the essay in. 

  • Understand Academic Writing

Essay writing is a part of academic writing. Thus, it will require you to have a formal method of writing. You will have to use flawless English, punctuation, and an active voice in most cases.

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