Top 5 Management Institutes in Faridabad based on Placement Record

An MBA degree is a coveted qualification in business and management. An MBA course is a graduate degree that focuses on management and business. The demand for MBA degrees has increased manifold in recent years, prompting many colleges to launch MBA programs. To help you choose the best MBA colleges in Faridabad, here is a list of the top 5 MBA college


The Lingaya Group established the Deemed to Be University known as Lingayas Vidyapeeth. It was founded in 2009 with the blessing of the MHRD and AICTE. The institute has been holding the position of the best MBA colleges in Faridabad for many years. If you are looking for a placement, they have the best possible options available. The college has a high concentration of companies in its history and is constantly striving to learn from the best companies in the city. Their placement rate is only a fraction of the cost of some of the bigger universities so you can be sure that your placement will be situationally appropriate.

Highest package 12L

Average package 8L

Approved By: MHRD, AICTE

Placements: 90-80 %


Formerly known as the Manav Rachna Indian University, the Manav Rachna International Institute for Research & Studies is a private university with campuses in Faridabad. It offers a wide range of courses and programs to its students. These include MBA courses, placement, and research-based courses. The institute has a strong presence in the world of business and management, and its students have won many awards. The MANAV RACHNA UNIVERSITY is the perfect place for college students looking for a strong placement.

Highest package 12L

Average package 6.6L

Approved By: UGC, AICTE, BCI

Placements: 70-80 %


The ATM GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL is one the top Management Institute in Faridabad based on the placements in the past. Most of the students who have placed in the past have gone on to make a great impact in the business world. The school offers a great array of courses and programs to its students. It is the perfect place for students who are looking for a great place to put their skills and knowledge in a setting that will give them the best chance to succeed.

Highest package 10L

Average package 5.6L

Approved By: NAAC, AICTE

Placements: 70 %


DAV INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is one of the best MBA colleges in Faridabad. The college has a track record of success in the field of management. The college is associated with the best management institutions in the state. The college offers a range of courses in business, management, and marketing. The college is also associated with the best placement colleges in the state.

Highest package 10.5L

Average package 5L

Approved By: NAAC

Placements: 60 – 70 %


RAWAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT MBA college in Faridabad is a top choice for those looking for a successful future. The college is well-renowned for its top-tier courses in management and it is sure that you will find all the required tools and resources here to help you achieve your goals. The college is also known for its great services and resources which will be sure to help you achieve your goals. The institute also has an impressive placement record, with correctly placed placements having accounted for almost half of all graduates from its MBA program.

Highest package 9.5L

Average package 4.5L

Approved By: NAAC

Placements: 60 – 70 %


In conclusion, the five management Institutes mentioned in this article are all reputable and reputable institutions. They offer excellent placement opportunities for their students, and their placement records suggest that they are known for their efficient, successful management of businesses. If you’re looking for an institute that can help you achieve success in your business career, these are definitely the ones to choose.

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