What is ITIL®4 Certification?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL4) is a globally recognized framework for managing and optimizing IT services. The ITIL4 course is designed to help you pass the ITIL4 Foundation exam on your very first attempt, and also provides you with a solid understanding of the ITIL framework and its processes.

ITIL4 is the first major update since 2007 and is designed to keep up track with recent trends in software development and major IT operations.

ITIL4 Certification Overview

ITIL4 can be described as an operating model for the delivery of tech-enabled products and services. It reflects recent trends in IT operations.

The learners have two recommended options for ITIL4 Certification depending on their preferences.

Option 1: Candidates can take up ITIL4 Foundation and any other module with their preferred interest to become an ITIL Specialist, Strategist or Leader.

Option 2: If you have achieved 17 credits from ITIL V3, you are eligible to takeup the ITIL4 Managing Professional transition module.

Types of ITIL4 Certification

Information Technology is the core of every business in the current world. There are various ITIL4 certification levelsall of which are crucialfor the professionals working with the digital transformation world.

Various ITIL4 Foundation Certification levels are:

  1. ITIL4 Foundation Level

The ITIL4 Foundation provides the candidates with a solid understanding of the ITIL4 framework and permits them to glance through IT service management through an end-to-end model. It makes you familiar with key concepts, and terminologies of the ITIL service lifecycle.

This course is good for candidates who are looking for a career in IT service management.

  1. ITIL4 Managing Professional

It provides the candidates with practical and technical knowledge for running successful IT-enabled services. It includes the following four modules:

  • ITIL4 Specialist Create, Deliver, and Support
  • ITIL4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value
  • ITIL4 Specialist High Velocity IT
  • ITIL4 Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve
  1. ITIL4 Strategic Leader

This course provides a thorough understanding of how IT influences and helps direct a business strategy. It consists of the following two modules:

  • ITIL4 Strategist Direct, Plan, and Improve
  • ITIL4 Leader Digital and IT strategy

The candidates, who want to clear ITIL4 Managing Professional or ITIL4 Strategic Leader certification, have to clear two modules from each.

  1. ITIL4 Master Level

After completing the above modules, you are will be qualified to go for ITIL4 Master Level Certification. This course validates your capabilities to help implement IT service management principles, techniques, and procedures.

To take up for the ITIL4 Master Certification, ensure that you:

  • Have accomplished the ITIL Expert certificate
  • Have work experience of at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher management advisory levels.

ITIL4 Certification Syllabus

ITIL4 syllabus consists of the following topics. Read further to understand what you will learn from this course.

  • Introduction to ITIL4: Under this module, you will learn ITIL4 components, and will identify exam requirements, and will understand the benefits of ITIL4.
  • Key Concepts of Service Management:Here you will be introduced to service management terms, discuss the key concepts of creating value with services and learn concepts of service relationships.
  • The Four dimensions of Service Management: Includes organization and people, information technology, partners and suppliers, and value streams and processes.
  • The ITIL4 Service Value System:Here you will review the components within the Service Value System.
  • The Service Value Chain:Here you will understand the six key activities of the Service Value Chain, which include Plan, Improve, Engage, Design and Transaction, Obtain or Build, Deliver, and Support.
  • ITIL4 Guiding Principles: It summarizes the seven guiding principles used with an organization while adopting a service management framework.
  • ITIL4 Practices:Here you will know about the ITIL practices required to meet the business and technical objectives. It includes General Management Practices, Service Management Services, and Technical Management Practices.

Benefits of ITIL4 Certification

As an individual, successfully completing an ITIL will help you become more efficient and effective. You will be more fulfilled in your career outlook. Moreover, you will be able to:

  • Apply the tools and techniques to your day-to-day job and increase the efficiency of the organization.
  • Improve inter-communication skills with the help of ITIL’s common language.
  • Build your confidence level and help gain reassurance through the ITIL community.
  • Improve your overall career with ITIL’s evidence-backed differentiated value.
  • Provide knowledge and focus on the need of the customers along with a great user experience, in place of spending much time on technological issues.
  • Help boost your career by acquiring a globally recognized, formal qualification in your portfolio.

ITIL4 certification cost

Certification cost for this course varies by location and rangesbetween $150 to $500. There are two different ways to book an ITIL Foundation certification exam. You can opt for an ITIL training course with the exam fee included. Or, you can also choose to self-study and only pay the ITIL certification exam fees.

Many third parties are offering ITIL training and are approved by ITIL training and certification organizations. You can find multiple options for this course online or in a classroom setting as well. You need to decide the type of certification you wish to go (Foundation, Practitioner, Managing Professional) and have to pay the fees accordingly.

An ITIL Certification course usually takes between 2-5 days and depends on whether you are opting for an ITIL manager certificate or going for the ITIL Practitioner certification cost. Paying for the ITIL4 foundation certification cost along with the training program, helps you understand the fundamentals easily and acquaints you with the overall procedure.

Who should do ITIL4 Certification

Getting an ITIL Foundation Certification to help the individuals earn up to 40% more and open doors for better opportunities. The certification ascertains that the candidate has adequate knowledge of the ITIL terminology, structures, concepts, principles, and practices of the ITIL framework.

This certificate is best suited for individuals who want to acquire ITIL framework basic knowledge and want to grow in the IT service management industry. It is also good for the Tech professionals who want to adopt the ITIL framework in their organizations to help improve their overall services.

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