Top 8 Rules for Happy People

What is happiness? Some people believe it’s having a family, for others, its winning a jackpot at 22Bets. However, there’s always something special in common between such people. These tips will improve quality of life for everyone.

A good way to lead a clean and healthy life is to watch movies and listen to music. This helps you to unwind. If you do not want to use the internet and streaming platforms for the distraction they bring, you can turn to sites like the pirate bay. Just use fifteen minutes of your time to download three to five movies and watch them offline. This way, you won’t get distracted with all the ads and unnecessary pop-ups.

Eat on Time and Sleep Enough

It sounds trivial, but many people often forget: they skip breakfast, lunch or dinner in a hurry. And how often do we choose another episode instead of another hour of sleep? Your body faithfully serves you in all conditions, take care of it, that is, yourself.

Enjoy the Morning

The morning sets the mood for the whole day, so start it calmly, without rushing, with attention and care for yourself. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, enjoy a simple breakfast. No social media in the morning. News feeds, posts and chats are distracting and disturbing. Morning is your time, keep it to yourself!


And to get up in the morning awake, properly rest from the evening. Turn off your phone an hour before bedtime, shut the windows. As the plane slowly goes to land smoothly, we should gradually reduce the activity. A nice book, favorite music, a short walk is perfect to fall asleep like a baby.


Speaking of walks. Walk at least 10 minutes a day every day. Walks to the store/post office/work don’t count! Take an aimless walk around the neighborhood or park, let your feet lead you and your head rest. During this time, unexpected answers, solutions, and ideas may come to you.


If you can’t go to the gym, start simple: get off one stop before yours and walk, don’t use the elevator and increase your workload by stepping over a step or two. Also, dance! Do it for yourself: put on some music, close your eyes, and have fun from the heart!

Work Organized

“The big elephant is eaten in pieces”: divide tasks into steps, and work time into segments, and be sure to schedule rest. Breaking down the task into specific steps will cease to scare complexity and confusion, and planned breaks for rest will eliminate the feeling of overload. And a tip for remote workers: don’t work where you sleep, or zone out your space – you need a place to rest that isn’t associated with work.

Study and Read

New languages, even if they will never be useful, non-fiction and fiction, skiing or longboarding – each new skill develops neural connections and trains the brain. Start now, you’ll be glad you did in your old age.

Meditate and Do Nothing

We’re gripped by a cult of efficiency, and it’s burnout that makes us consciously rest. Don’t wear yourself out, make time for doing nothing: close your eyes and let your thoughts come and go, don’t stop the flow of thoughts, watch your breath as the air touches your nostrils when you exhale and inhale. Practice for 15 minutes every day, and your nervous system will thank you.

Keep a Diary

Everyone has inspiration and ideas that need to be awakened, aggression and resentment that need to be vented in an environmentally friendly way, worries and anxieties, and some dissipate as soon as they are voiced. Don’t keep it inside, pour it all out on paper in any form, in any words, even with mistakes! You don’t have to reread it and keep it. This hygiene of the mind, let it become a daily ritual for you.

Notice the Good 

Again, nothing new, but we are used to taking positive things for granted and quickly forget about them. And how much resource is in the tiny moments of the day; daily write at least 5 of them down in a notebook and reread them. A favorite cup, delicious coffee, a funny shaped cloud, your own eye color, a whimsically curved branch, funny dogs on a walk – become collectors of pleasant moments, and before you know it, joy and peace of mind will become a habit.

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