NCERT Solutions – The Best Guide to Follow for Exam Preparation

The National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) is an organization established in 1961 for the improvement of school education across the country. NCERT solutions boost the concepts of students and suggest alternative methods to solve a particular problem. The main purpose of these solutions is to help students in developing problem solving strategies. NCERT Solutions lay a strong foundation not only for board exams but also for other competitive exams. The solutions are drafted by expert faculty and students do not face any problems in understanding the concepts thoroughly. The solutions are so apt that students grasp the concepts easily within a short duration of time. Hence, practising these solutions on a regular basis enhances students’ problem solving skills which are very crucial from the exams’ perspective.


NCERT Solutions offer comprehensive answers to all the textbook questions which are important from an examinations’ point of view. The solutions are presented in a simple way and help students understand the concepts effectively. NCERT Solutions have a huge collection of important questions which are readily available for downloading, whenever required. The complete knowledge of concepts provided in these solutions are the result of efforts made by subject experts who are well experienced in their respective fields. The solutions are formulated in a comprehensive and detailed manner irrespective of students’ understanding skills. These solutions help students grasp the concepts in an efficient manner and also strengthen their basics, which help them to be successful in future studies. NCERT books are designed in accordance with the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE recommends students to stick to NCERT books as they provide the most reliable information.


Chemistry is a subject which includes various chemical reactions and symbols. Students who desire to score high marks in Chemistry are recommended to revise the chemical reactions on a regular basis. Hence, making use of the right study material to solve this need is more efficient. Regular practice of NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry helps to understand all chemical reactions which occur in our day to day activities. The solutions explain every miniscule concept in a simple, and best way possible so that students grasp them without any obstacles. NCERT Solutions are designed with the purpose to help students to build a strong foundation of fundamental concepts for effective learning. Going through these solutions, students understand how to approach the difficult questions that might arise in exams and solve them with confidence.


Reasons why students must follow NCERT Solution to score high marks

  • NCERT Solutions offer all the answers to the textbook questions in a descriptive manner.
  • The solutions are curated in an easy to understand language to help students in grasping all important concepts without any difficulty.
  • Most of the questions that appear in CBSE exams are from the content in the textbooks. Practising these questions while referring to NCERT Solutions will ensure students score good marks in their academics.
  • The solutions help students to be on the right track by providing comprehensive answers for each question which are vital from an exam perspective.
  • The answers to each question in the exercise are brain mapped thoroughly along with numerous illustrations, so that students grasp each concept with ease.
  • Practising on a daily basis helps students develop their problem solving skills and understanding capabilities which are essential from an exam point of view.

The exercises present in the NCERT textbooks are the best, as they contain questions at almost every level – easy, moderate and difficult. Therefore practising these questions will help in revising the entire textbook in depth. Students must refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry for in-depth learning of concepts and enhancing their skills, required for better academic performance.

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