What Can We Expect from The Casino Industry in 2021?

The gambling industry is very large and develops quickly. In terms of market size and revenue, this industry is on par with the film and music industry. According to research companies, in 2020 the global online gambling revenue has increased to € 65 billion. The opportunity for high profits encourages entrepreneurs to open new gambling companies. This creates a lot of competition in the industry. In order for the online casino to develop and generate income, business owners are constantly improving their service and introducing trendy solutions into their work.

Now there is a tendency to legalize the gambling business. In many countries, casinos are officially legalized, procedures for identifying customers of online sites have been simplified. It is expected that due to the online gambling legalization all over the world, operators will have more opportunities for business development and scaling.

One of the top successful online gambling trends is networking. Communication with industry representatives will help entrepreneurs find new clients, business partners or investors. Themed events serve as platforms for productive networking. They are held in different parts of the world and bring together industry’s leaders, as well as the best experts specializing in the development and promotion of gambling business.

New technologies introduction

To remain competitive, gambling operators will continue to introduce new technologies to their online platforms.

Virtual reality has become popular in all areas of business, including online gambling. If we talk about gambling from the perspective of a variety of virtual reality innovations, experts note the rapidly growing role of artificial intelligence and chat-bots in online casinos and iGaming all over the world. And here is a clear trend: everything is now growing as the development and improvement of various virtual reality applications. The purpose of this technology is to make the activity more realistic. Users get the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay.

Live dealer games are extremely popular with online players today. This helps users feel like they are in a real casino. Decisions on the implementation of virtualization in games with live dealers are being developed more and more actively. Thus, some providers already offer live dealer games directly from the casino hall instead of the usual virtual casino studio.

The latest trend concerns the development of the IoT. This so-called Internet of Things is a set of physical objects connected to the Internet and exchanging data. With all the convenience of smartphones and tablets, the gambling industry is looking at other online devices. Is it possible to place bets through smart watches? Yes, easy! So, some experts believe that these watches will soon move all other devices.

Online casinos are increasingly adapting to the ever-changing needs of players. The web platform by Shangri La of Michael Boettcher is an excellent illustration of the evolution that the gambling industry has undergone in recent decades.

Having started work in 2016, the site’s library included slots, games with live dealers and betting on classic sports. Over the years, the list of proposals has grown significantly. Today there are scratch cards, slots with elements of skills, new games with odds betting and much more.

The changes also affected the bookmaker. In addition to traditional sports, you can find virtual sports and e-sports here. And bets can now can be placed until the last minutes of the event.

The range and level of live casino have improved significantly. Now the user has more viewing angles and many additional options, and the gameplay itself has become faster.

Mobile gambling via smartphones is on the rise

The number of players who visit online casinos using mobile devices is increasing every year. According to research, in the past year more than half of online casino customers entered gambling sites using portable gadgets. And two years earlier, the share of such players was only 10 %.

These indicators are explained by the fact that mobile devices are becoming more accessible and functional. Communication standards are also improving and the coverage of high-speed mobile Internet is expanding. Today, in order to play video slots or place a bet on a sporting event, you do not need to go to a computer club. It is enough to use a smartphone. Moreover, access to the gambling platform can be obtained from any convenient location.

To satisfy all the users’ needs, Shangri La, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, has developed its own mobile application. All the functionality of the main site is now available on mobile devices.

New financial options

The active growth of non-cash payments, Darren Keane said, has contributed to the emergence of many tools for making online payments, among which the most popular are integrated electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The use of blockchain in the gambling business is not just a tribute to fashion. The introduction of this technology allows operators to ensure the highest transaction security level. This increases user confidence in the site and allows you to attract new customers.

Also, more and more virtual casinos offer their customers to make payments using cryptocurrencies. The main advantages of using digital money in online gambling include: security, efficiency and anonymity.

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