How Can Virtual Private Hosting Help in SEO?

These days, every business seem to be overly concerned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And there is a good reason why this is so. The internet today is home to millions of successful brand websites. Each of these is optimized to appear in SERPs (search engine result pages) against specific keywords. So that whenever someone Googles them, the SEO-tweaked website shows on top. In many instances, good SEO work totally depends on the type of website hosting service used. Relying on VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a good place to start, along with a decent ISP offer like a Spectrum internet and TV and package. And the rest, as they say, is up to the marketer’s creativity. also check SEO consultant Melbourne if you want to grow your business. Also check SEO freelancer it will be helpful.

To understand the importance of VPS, you first need to appreciate how a website works. Or more specifically, how it makes its way to your device screen.

If you haven’t guessed it already, this entire story revolves around hosting servers.

These, in a nutshell, provide the bases on which an entire website stands. And from where its content gets transferred.

So pretty important things to get to know!

Some Website 101

When you load up a website, what are some of the first things that you notice? Well, let me make this a little easier for you. The very first things on a site that you come across are:

  1. Written Content
  2. Graphics (Multimedia of all Types)

No business website can work for long without some kind of written text. Words, being the basic mode of human communication, convey information. Be it related to a company’s products and services. Or legal information that a customer should know. So that he (or she) doesn’t end up ordering something that comes with hidden costs!

The Importance of Words & Graphics

Other than this crucial function, written text is the lifeblood of SEO. Because search engine bots can’t make sense of a site without crawling through them. Pictures (images) don’t work in this respect. Nor do flash videos of any kind. This is where keywords come into the equation. They help search engines set the theme of a certain website. Because guess what – computers are still not as intelligent as human beings. Well – most human beings!

Graphics are the color strokes that bring your website to life. Do you remember those early 90s and 80s sites, which were only text-based? Well if you do, then you do remember how very boring they were, right? Website graphics later came on the scene to remedy this problem. And what they do is that they rev-up a site’s ‘user experience’. This term describes the way in which a visitor thinks about and engages with, a site. When more people stay on a site for longer time periods, this can mean that it offers a decent user experience.

Where Website Hosts Come In (Impacting SEO)

So on a very basic level, we agree that a website is made up of text & graphics files. These, obviously, require some storage space. Because they can’t hover in the air for free.

This storage space is provided by website servers connected to the larger internet. These are mostly of two kinds:

  1. Shared Hosting Servers
  2. Dedicated Servers

Let me tell you right here that the second type is more expensive.

Shared servers do just what their name implies – they share their hosting resources with other sites. And on a single server. Because of this, they are able to distribute the cost of hosting to all the sites. Leading to low hosting prices for each.

But on the downside, they can be a little slow. This is because if one graphics-intensive site comes along, it can hurt others’ loading speeds. And this becomes a serious problem on saturated shared servers.

Dedicated servers, if you can afford them, are yours. On them, you don’t have to share server resources with anyone. This directly means faster site loading speeds and greater tolerance for heavy user traffic.

Which, if you didn’t know this, have great bearing on site SEO.


VPS acts like a low-cost version of a dedicated server. It allows you to use your desired OS (operating system). And in doing so, it lets you install the programs and website plugins that you want. For SEO purposes, the Yoast plugin comes in very handy in this respect.

More importantly, a VPS helps your website to perform well in terms of:

  • Loading Speeds
  • Security
  • Uptime (all the time that it’s LIVE)
  • Technical Support

Fast loading speeds count as an SEO ranking factor. And in some ways, so does HTTPS (SSL) site security. And if your host doesn’t provide good uptime, your website can fall in search rankings.

WordPress is currently considered one of the best hosting platforms for getting a VPS server upgrade. That is precisely the reason why many popular businesses choose to go to it first, including Sony, AT&T, and Spectrum Double Play. No company can afford to get by on hosting servers that give poor performance. So this preference makes a lot of sense – with all things considered!

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