11 Tips to Pass CBAP Exam in 30 days [Updated 2021]

Certified business analysis professional (CBAP) is a certification for people with experience in business analysis. CBAP certification was first introduced in the year 2006 and now it is gaining recognition globally. It is provided by (IIBA) International institute of business analysis and the world’s most important certification in the world. IIBA was started in 2003 and organizes various certifications for business analytics professionals.

Tips to pass the CBAP exam in 30 days

  1. Read CBAP Handbook Before You Start Preparation

When you apply for the CBAP exam the first thing comes in mind that from where you will start the preparation of the exam. IIBA provides a handbook for the CBAP exam preparation you can prepare yourself with the help of that book.

The motive of the handbook is to provide the complete details about the activities, tasks, and skills needed to effective for business analytics. It provides the complete concept and logic of CBAP certification.

2. Attend Cbap Certification Training

There is various certification training online which you can join on the internet by signing up. It is very beneficial to join the CBAP certification training. Attend these to evaluate your skills in business analysis. Training consists of a various presentation on knowledge areas.

3. Create A Study Plan

A study plan is a composed calendar sketching out study times and learning objectives. This we also do when we were in school and college. Study according to the study plan helps you out to cover the topics within time.

A study plan is a powerful method to assist you with the proper management to achieve success. Other than your regular study, you are likely to have other duties like extracurricular exercises, work, and social commitment. Other duties need to be minimised and maximum time should be allotted to study.

4. Read The BABOK Guide V3, And Dedicate Your Time To Familiarize Key Points

BABOK is a guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) which helps you to clear the exam. The book aims to provide the candidate with an overview of tools and knowledge which they can use to find the strategies to increase business growth. The book has a various version, the first Version 1.6 was published in October 2005 and later on updated according to the new strategies. The latest is Version3 with new concepts and practices.

5. Know All The Knowledge Areas, Tasks, Inputs, Outputs, And Techniques

The Sprintzeal CBAP exam needs to gather appropriate material for every paper. This material must include all notes, diagrams, slides, etc. These notes should be as per topic of course. These resources also include recorded lectures. Recorded lectures can be of great help for self-study. You can borrow lecture notes from students who have been regular at classes. Read about all the knowledge areas of the BABOK guide and techniques used to do the business analysis.

6. Get A CBAP Simulator. Practice, Practice, And Practice!

Business simulation allows the expert to communicate with a realistic version of the work. Strategy analysis is a step to researching and mapping the abilities of an organization to achieve the goals. It would be better to do the complete analysis simulations for the role of business analysts. Get a CBAP simulator from the following links and practice for your exam.

7. List Out and Understand All BABOK Terms and Concepts

As discussed above there are six knowledge areas of a business analyst. Read in-depth while preparing for the exam. The IIBA BABOK Guide is an assortment of information from the Business Analysis responsibilities and reflects current practices. BABOK guide depicts the BA areas of knowledge, their related activities.

8. Interact with Study Groups, Join Online Forums With Other Examinees

Study groups and online forums help to clarify the questions and doubts that you have regarding the subject. When you have read the guide then it is the perfect time to join the review classes. One biggest advantage of this is that you can find where you are standing in terms of knowledge.

Group study can help to have different perspectives as in the whole group every individual brings something different on the table. This approach helps you to widen your approach and understand topics deeply.

9. Prepare For Case Studies By Figuring Out The Essence Of Questions When Taking Practice Exams.

While solving a case study in CBAP exams you need to approach it like a consultant who wants to help your client. The following are some steps that can help to do so.

  • Developing an exhaustive approach which can help you to guide through case very efficiently. This approach itself will help you to understand where you need to look for the solution.
  • You need to develop a hypothesis and prioritize all information and data which have been gathered.

10. Read Preparation Books And Join Certification Training, Communicate And Interact.

Books are the best way to know more and are the CBAP exam ready. If you are someone who can do self-study then start to find good CBAP books and stay ahead in preparation for the exam.

11. Use Flashcards Daily

Flashcards carry numerous advantages to the learning procedure that every individual should use and include in their ordinary preparation for the CBAP exam. Flashcards can be made on small hard paper where on one side you can write questions and on other side answers.

At first, they are valuable since they are very compact. They give the chance to survey the subject in practically any condition and on any topic. They can be pulled out at lunch, while looking out for the transport, between classes, whenever there are two minutes or more to save.

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