5 Reasons to Invest in Sheetz Properties for Sale

People are starting to know more about triple net leases and their benefits to investors. That’s why the search for Sheetz properties for sale and other similar businesses is increasing. The involvement in this scene is growing, and so is the need for adequate information. There are many things to understand about getting involved in such an investment.

It even goes beyond a supposed interest in food and beverage chains or family-run businesses. Thus, it’s essential for people with passion and sincere intentions to have a guide to provide the necessary understanding. So this article is for you if you’re one of those individuals who desire to learn more about these opportunities.

The Sheetz Brand

The business started in 1952 as a convenience store run by Bob Sheetz in Altoona, Pennsylvania. His brother, Steve, joined a few years later, and they expanded to about 14 locations within the first 15 to 20 years. It grew exponentially from there, and now they’re everywhere in the country but are still run by the family as there have been successful transitions.

Besides the regular convenience store, Sheetz provides custom food and beverages like many other quick-service restaurants. The added features make it more valuable to the various customers who visit. It also means it’s a one-stop-shop for people to get different items and goods beyond gas for their cars.

Things to Know Before Investing

Many people talk about the lucrative nature of quick-service restaurants and convenience stores franchises. However, most of them don’t provide adequate guidelines or checklists of things to check and observe. Granted, you can’t get involved without having a certain level of knowledge, and here we’ll discuss the three primary things.


It’s not out of place to check out the Sheetz franchise cost as a first step. The reason is that it plays a significant role as a determinant in whether or not you’ll go ahead with the investment. Having this information also helps you to know what financing options will be best. That especially applies if you need external funding to cover the price and other expenses.

Method of Operation

Several companies have specific rules and requirements for franchisees to ensure proper brand representation. It’s easier when you’re buying an already established location, but you’d still have to go through specific processes. You also need a fair understanding of how the business works, even if you’re entering it as a passive investment opportunity.

Risks Involved

Businesses and investments aren’t without risks, and it’s vital to know those associated with this venture. That includes consequences of the lease structure, costs, cap rates, and unfavorable economic conditions. Knowing them gives you an avenue to weigh your options and avoid them beforehand or find ways around them.


It’s also essential that you assess the profitability of the business before buying Sheetz properties for sale. This factor is a no-brainer since the purpose of investments is to get returns. Find out how well the store is doing in that particular location. Don’t work only with general knowledge of the brand or company as it only gives an overview and not an accurate estimate.

Terms of Lease

You need to know and understand the lease terms when buying a triple net property, especially if there’s an ongoing one. It provides the investor with information on how favorable it’ll be for you or if it contains items to which you wouldn’t readily agree. That’s because many negotiations go into drawing up these agreements between the parties involved, and you don’t want anything to catch you unawares.

Reasons to Invest in Sheetz

Many franchises exist across the country, especially quick-service restaurants like Chipotle, Burger King, and KFC. So there’s a wide range of businesses you can choose from when considering this aspect of real estate. However, Sheetz is one of the top brands, and subsequently, we’ll discuss some of these reasons why it makes an excellent NNN investment.

1. Company Support

By now, we know that Sheetz is a family-run business, and like many other related services, the brand’s authenticity is vital. Therefore, they provide supportive training and finance to franchisees to help set up and ensure uniformity across the various locations. It’s essential for them because of their community orientation which supports local entrepreneurs.

2. Extended Lease

A Sheetz ground lease for sale is usually extensive as they run from 10 to 15 years or even 20 in some cases. This extended period affords several advantages to both landlords and tenants. The most significant one is the former not bothering to find a new renter and the latter having enough space and time to customize the property to suit their taste. The lease allows a specific level of flexibility in most cases.

3. Continuous Profitability

One of the perks of the Sheetz brand and stores is that they have a variety of customers. That’s because of the diversity and importance of the services and products they offer. Therefore you don’t have to worry about slow business as long as the location is correct. That shows it’ll make an excellent triple net lease investment opportunity.

4. Steady Income

A typical characteristic of NNN is the steady income it provides with possible property value appreciation. That’s another reason why you should find Sheetz real estate for sale and invest in it. You’re sure to enjoy the benefits of steady returns, especially when coupled with the continuous profitability of the business.

5. Portfolio Diversification

Another reason people buy NNN properties like Sheetz real estate is that it helps diversify their investment portfolio. The extended lease also provides an opportunity to build equity over the specified period. That means it gives a stable way to increase investor credibility while allowing time for other things that require more attention.


Ultimately, looking into Sheetz properties for sale is an excellent idea for any investor interested in a stable income. Beyond the returns, there are other benefits to enjoy, including building your portfolio and credibility in the investment scene. However, it’s essential to get enough information and weigh everything you learn appropriately before delving into it.

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