How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Making Machine

Want to start your own business? A t-shirt maker machine can be the solution, see how to choose, brands, prices and tips for making and printing t-shirts! For those who are thinking of opening a business or even looking to supplement their family income, a small print shop can be a good option.

There are several models of t-shirt maker machines that can be easily installed, even in a residential room. Being able to work in small spaces, even in a room in the house, is perhaps one of the advantages that makes the t shirt maker machine so attractive, of course, along with the good percentage of gain in the sale of each unit.


Just like any area, the possibility of earning money with t-shirt printing machines depends on effort, commitment and availability for work. The most sought after printing machines in the printing sector are geared towards printing t-shirts. Through the  t-shirt printing machine  it is possible to produce from a few pieces to a large scale, with various prints ranging from small images to photos. Therefore, before purchasing the equipment, it is necessary to know the type of material and prints you intend to work with and, if applicable, enter the cost of a computer to carry out the work.

What is Silk-Screen on T-Shirt Printing Machines?

The technique of serigraphy, better known as silk-screen, is a process that uses a fabric matrix to reproduce an image.


A frame is covered with a special fabric, prepared with chemical treatment. Just press the ink against the matrix so that it crosses the free spaces of the screen and thus the final image appears. Currently, the market has expanded and the business is not restricted to printing t-shirts, reaching caps, flip-flops, rulers and cups.

In addition, there is a promising area that allows stamping on a wide variety of products such as gifts of pens, key chains, stickers, balloons, among others. The difference between screen printing and other processes is that it is a simpler printing medium. Screen printing involves low implementation costs, being the only technique that can print on any material and surface – flat or embossed.


Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Machine

There are t-shirt printing machines designed to do thousands of prints per hour. Thus, you will have to analyze well before choosing, checking the production capacity of the equipment and which one will be best suited to your needs. To have a reference of value, a  classic and compact model t-shirt printing machine costs an average of $ 2600, which may vary according to the place of purchase.

However, those who have few resources to start a t-shirt printing business and do not work with the production of a large amount of products per day, can opt for simpler t-shirt printing machines that have a lower production capacity.

Just as there are different models both in size and production quantity, there are also several brands on the current market that are sold in specific stores. However, always do at least basic research on the internet to verify that there is no problem with that model of equipment or even to find cheaper prices.

An important point that must be taken into account is the ease of use of the t-shirt printing machine, as in many cases courses are required. In this way, it is essential to seek information about how the equipment operates even before purchase and, in addition, to check with the seller and manufacturer if they offer the courses.

If you receive a negative answer from the brand you researched, the tip is to look for another one, since the t-shirt printing machines are very similar in their way of use. However, it is very rare to find a manufacturer that does not offer any type of course, that is, not even the basics for the operation of the t-shirt printing machine. Another detail that should be checked before purchasing the machine is whether it allows attaching accessories to print other products, such as caps, flip-flops, key chains, among others.

Although this detail can make the product more expensive, in addition to the fact that many accessories are expensive – a complete shirt printing machine has the main objective of diversifying sales and putting new products on the market, allowing greater public engagement.

Again, in this case, always check with the accessory seller or the manufacturer if there is any course that can be taken in your city so that you learn how to use the new accessory attached to the machine, in addition, of course, to avoid wasting material. -cousin

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