Buying Your First Men’s Earrings

People consider men’s jewelry as controversial jewelry. However, little do they know how stylish and fashionable they are. Men’s jewelry is broad spectrum with various options that you can choose from. 

However, if you want to start wearing men’s jewelry, start with earrings. They are ideal and can suit anyone. Plus, it is the best way to start your journey to discover men’s jewelry. 

Here are the tips you can use to purchase your first men’s earrings successfully!

How to Purchase Your First Men’s Earrings

Purchasing your first ever men’s jewelry is exceptionally challenging. However, you need a complete guideline to get things right at the first shot. That being the case, here are the top tips and complete know-how to purchase your first-ever men’s earrings.

Consider the Color and Your Facial Structure

Most of the time, if you pick earrings that don’t go well with your face shape, they will be a waste of money. Therefore, keeping the color tone and the face shape in check is crucial.

We all are built differently and have unique, beautiful features that can enhance our appearance. Therefore, the core purpose of purchasing earrings should always be to enhance what you already have. 

Color plays a massive role in changing the outlook of your appearance. Some earrings can enhance your look, while others can make you look ugly, which you are not. Take olive color, for example; if you have an olive color tone, then all the colors would look incredible on you.

Whereas people with fair skin should avoid rose gold earrings to eliminate that pinkish look. In addition, face shape matters a lot. For a round face, pick square-shaped studs. On the contrary, for a square face, pick round or curved earrings.

Pick the Material Which Matches Your Budget

 Okay, let’s be real! Picking jewelry that might cost thousands of dollars but doesn’t go well with your face is a waste. You may want to purchase jewelry of expensive material, but if it disrupts your finances, then don’t do it.

You might try other materials, as options are countless. If you want a chic-looking yet very classic and exquisite metal, go for sterling silver as it is both stylish and affordable.

The best thing about sterling silver is that it is timeless. No matter what year or fashion trend, silver is always trendy and appears in various designs and styles. So, rest assured as you’ll never be disappointed.

Wear the Right Size

For successful shopping, you need to find the right size for your earrings. It is always efficient to know your earlobe size to pick the best size for yourself. Measure your earlobe to your piercing spot to find the ideal length for your ear size.

Moreover, if you’re looking for drop earrings, their length plays a huge role, making them fit for your ear. Note that drop earrings shouldn’t reach your jawline or a bit lower. If your earring falls to your neck, you might have picked the wrong one.

If you want exact lengths for drop earrings, go for four to six centimeters, as most of the audience prefers this size.

Follow the Trends

Following the trend will make you feel more popular and an up-to-date person. Among you fellas, you’ll be the one who people will ask regarding fashion concerns. However, the following trend doesn’t mean you might waste thousands of dollars on dumb earrings that you might never wear.

Instead, going for iconic and popular looks will be your fittest decision. You can follow various magazines and influencers to enlighten yourself with the various designs of earrings. 

Know Your Style

It is undoubtedly the most important tip you need to work on. Jewelry only looks good when they blend with your style. Curved earrings and studs will be the ideal option if you have a hot tattoo-boyish look.

However, if your style is into the sleeker and fresher look, which is highly sexy, then pick the minimalist ear drops. They are very graceful and make you look like a Greek god in a suit. 


There are many earrings that are very delicate and fragile. You won’t be able to wear it more than once. That being the case, if you invest hundreds of dollars in a jewelry piece, check if it’s durable.

Most earrings come with a fragile stopper, which fails to keep your earrings in place. This results in losing your earrings, which might be a dilemma for you later. Therefore, pick durable and sturdy earrings, even if the style is delicate.

Don’t Get Scammed

You might have thought our guidelines for picking your perfect earrings would end here. No way! To purchase some high-end men’s earrings, it is crucial to be aware and ask the right questions.

Always talk about the material and the maintenance of the earrings. Moreover, if you’re into diamond earrings, then be sure to check if they are real diamond earrings for men or not. 

Most people get scammed by all the glitz and glam, which fakes the ideal earrings. So, purchase from a trustworthy brand.

Where to Purchase the Best Earrings for Men?

If you want to look for a brand that sells exclusive high-end jewelry and provides the best customer service, go for ItsHot. They have versatile and luxurious jewelry for both men and women.

They’ve been featured on platforms like The Guardian, BBC, CNN, etc. By being a relatively famous and timely featured brand, you can stay assured as the quality will be guaranteed. 

The best thing about ItsHot is that they make stunning jewelry pieces and publish various blogs that can help you pick the fittest piece of jewelry for yourself. You can read their in-demand articles, like different types of diamond rings, to pick the ideal ring for you.  

Final Thoughts

Finding your first-ever men’s earrings is very challenging. However, reading this article would be child’s play for you. The article has complete information on how to pick the best men’s earrings. We would be delighted if it helped you. 

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