Coffee Beans, How to Choose the Best

The best coffee is the one that is bought in beans and ground instantly, before making it. Just think that after just half an hour from grinding the coffee loses 70% of its aromatic properties. So our suggestion is to buy coffee beans wholesale online, equip yourself with a coffee grinder and pulverize them a little at a time, as needed. Or, if you want to save yourself all this work, buy an automatic coffee machine that does everything for you. If you are looking for the best coffee beans, read our buying guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

If you want the best in terms of taste and aroma from a cup of coffee, then you have to buy the best coffee beans and then grind it with a hand grinder. I assure you that the scent emanating from hand grinding is unparalleled!

Where to buy coffee beans

Buying coffee beans is becoming more and more difficult if you usually shop in supermarkets or small shops . The space that until 5 years ago was dedicated to coffee beans and powder has now been almost monopolized by capsules and pods. Finding coffee beans is becoming more and more difficult unless you go to specialized online coffee beans wholesale shops.

What are the best coffee beans?

There are many characteristics to check when buying coffee, and they should all be written on the packaging, on the label, but this is not always the case, indeed it almost never happens. Let’s see what the most important information we could find is

The place of origin

Knowing the geographical origin of coffee beans is very important. Depending on whether it is South American , African or Asian , the aroma and taste change a lot. But even within the same continent, the type of coffee changes a lot. Let’s think about the difference that there can be between the Brazilian and the Peruvian one !

Type of coffee, cultivars

Cultivars are the agricultural varieties of a botanical species . Just as for wine, for which there are many types in Italy, we also have many varieties for coffee. We often buy, especially in supermarkets, coffee powders in which various cultivars are blended, if we buy a Specialty Coffee where the entire life of the bean is traced, we can also know the botanical species it belongs to.

Type of roasting

The roasting process consists in bringing the coffee beans to very high temperatures for about 15-18 minutes. During roasting, the coffee is brought to a temperature between 190 ° C ( light roasting ) up to a maximum of 230 ° C ( dark roasting ). The degree of roasting influences the color of the coffee as well as having a fundamental role in determining the organoleptic characteristics of the drink obtained. In fact, factors such as acidity and body increase or decrease according to the level of roasting.

Roasting date

Knowing when the coffee has been roasted is important, it gives us a lot of information on taste and aroma. The beans that have been roasted for more than a year, even if stored well, lose some of their organoleptic characteristics.

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