Buying guide: what you need to know about Bluetooth Sunglasses

Before making your purchase of Bluetooth sunglasses, you must have all the necessary answers to your questions. The section below answers all the questions we consider essential about Bluetooth glasses:


What are Bluetooth glasses?

At first glance, Bluetooth sunglasses look like any kind of sunglasses, but their big difference and feature is their Bluetooth function. Their Bluetooth function allows you to connect to a smartphone to make calls, play music, use GPS and interact with Siri or Alexa.


Bluetooth sunglasses not only protect your eyesight but also allow you to walk on the street without worries thanks to their Bluetooth function.

Speakers and microphones are located inside the temples for better sound quality.

How do Bluetooth Sunglasses work?

Here we answer one of the most frequently asked questions: How do these sunglasses allow you to make calls and play music? The earphones and small microphones are located in the temples. These connect to Bluetooth and work much like traditional headphones. Their Bluetooth connection is the most important thing.

Similarly, the Bluetooth sunglasses have two or three buttons that allow us to select the type of action we want to perform. They have a start / stop button and, depending on the mode, one or two buttons for music playback, calls, GPS connection and interaction with Siri or Alexa. These buttons are positioned on the temples so that they are not visible from the outside.

Why use Bluetooth Sunglasses?

Still not sure if you should use Bluetooth glasses, when is it advisable to use them? Here is a list of answers to one of the most frequently asked questions

  • They protect eyesight by blocking 99% of UVA / B rays
  • Since the sound transmission goes directly into the ear, it does not block external noise, making it more suitable for use on the street
  • Continuing with the previous sentence, since the sound transmission goes directly into the ear, there is no need to place any apparatus inside the ear and therefore it is more hygienic

Do I need a particular version of Bluetooth?

We get several alarming questions about the Bluetooth version needed for the Bluetooth glasses. Below we answer and clarify one of the more specific questions.

While it’s true that the latest versions of Bluetooth, like Bluetooth 5.0 , imply faster connection and better performance, they don’t affect our glasses. The only way they can impact is on battery life. Therefore, it is not necessary to have the latest version of Bluetooth, as it is always backwards compatible.


Do you lose sound privacy when using Bluetooth glasses?

We know that one of the main concerns is about privacy. Fortunately, one of the characteristics of Bluetooth glasses, especially bone conduction ones (see types below) is the transmission of sound through bone. “Loss of sound” often occurs in non-bone conduction glasses.

So, if you are worried about hearing calls or music, we recommend that you buy Bone Conduction Bluetooth Glasses, which do not involve open ears. These Bluetooth glasses provide the necessary privacy so that you can walk or go about your daily activities without worrying about loss of sound.

Purchase criteria

Before taking the final step with purchasing your Bluetooth glasses, here are the most important things to keep in mind. We hope they are useful to you. be careful!

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