How to Become A Product Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)-Everything You Need To Know

A product owner’s role is like a bridge between the development team and the great user community. It is the responsibility of the product owner to convey the product vision and stakeholder feedback to the team. It is vital for him to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality products from the makers to users. CSPO Certification course is the best tool to fulfill this task effectively.

Keeping this purpose in mind, formal training from a formally Certified Scrum Trainer is the essential part of the process in which an individual plays the role of the product owner. He should be fully capable of ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to the customer community.

So, whether you are intended for your personal development, looking for the appropriate training to take your Agile and Scrum career further, or you are intended to make a valuable increase in your existing experience and knowledge, a formal CSPO Certification course is the key to do so effectively.

What is CSPO Certification?

CSPO Certification (Certified Scrum Product Owner) is a Scrum Certification that is provided by the Scrum Alliance, a globally recognized non-profitable membership organization for those individual professionals who want to become a Product Owner in a Scrum Team. CSPO Certification is globally recognized in all kinds of industries, including I.T, Automobile, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Aviation, Engineering, Healthcare, Finance, communication, retail, travel, and many other industries in the world.

Scrum is considered to be the most powerful framework for implementing the Agile process in various projects. In a short span, Scrum has become the most popular choice among professional individuals and organizations which are interested in implementing the Agile philosophy. The growing popularity of the Scrum framework is increasing the demand for Scrum Certification. Converting to Scrum is bringing the new roles and concepts, and CSPO Certification & Training is one such role. CSPO training enables a Product Owner to decide what the development team will make next in order to add to the quality of the product.

Who Can Be CSPO Certified?

As such, there are no specific eligibility criteria for the professionals who are intended to be CSPO Certified. You should have basic knowledge of Agile to attend CSPO Training. It is maintained to take a 02-day mandatory training course started by Certified Scrum Training Professional. As a CSPO Certified or Scrum Product Owner Certified, you will be prepared to take on the role of a product owner on a Scrum team. The product owner is a key stakeholder who is responsible for ensuring that all the features of the product provide maximum value in a timely manner. How does the Product Owner fulfill this task? It can vary largely depending on various factors, including the team, the business stakeholder, and the development process of the organization.

How to get CSPO Certified?

To get CSPO Certification, first of all, familiarize yourself with Scrum, and the best ways to do that include reading the Agile manifesto and Scrum Guide watching the Scrum foundations and e-learning series. CSPO Certification requires a 02-days classroom training that is compulsory. Nowadays, there is no assessment exam for CSPO Certification. Here are a few steps to get this certification:

  • You need to attend 02-day CSPO classroom training.
  • Log in to your Scrum Alliance Account at the official website of Scrum Alliance.
  • Now accept your license agreement.
  • Get your CSPO Certification from Scrum Alliance.
  • Your CSPO Certification is valid for 02-years.
  • CSM is not compulsory to become CSPO Certified.

How to get renewal for CSPO Certification?

You need to follow the following easy steps to get renewal for your CSPO Certification:

  • Log on to your CSPO Certification account on the official site of Scrum Alliance.
  • Now open the “Certification Dashboard” under the settings option.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Actions’ window and click the renewal link to pay a renewal fee of $100.
  • Renewal is mandatory after every 02 years.
  • Now, you will be required to earn 20 SEUs (Scrum Educational Units) every 02 years before renewal.

Advantages of CSPO Certification:

The CSPO Certification is a globally recognized, respected, and well-known certification. During the 02 days classroom training, the candidates will deeply understand the role and methodology of a Product Owner. They learn about activities like Product Backlog Refinement, defining the acceptance criteria for “Done,” management of business stakeholders and conveying the product vision from the development team to the customer community.

CSPO Certification can provide the delegates a huge value of skills and expertise to play the role of Product Owner, which is beneficial for both the professional and organization. Here are numerous benefits that a professional can get from CSPO Certification:

  • It provides formal recognition of the required knowledge to implement Scrum.
  • You can get opportunities to boost your career across all the industries worldwide.
  • It provides you the chance to meet with many other Agile Professionals.
  •       CSPO Certification can add a considerable weightage in your professional profile to the employers.
  • This certification enables you to understand how a Product Owner can deliver the product iteratively on Scrum.
  • It can increase the functionality of your team and improve the working relationship between the Product Owner and Development Team.
  • Professionals can earn 14-20 PDUs and SEUs.
  • It reduces the risks.
  • This certification will give you the 02-years membership of Scrum Alliance with access to online material, local user groups, and social networks.

Final Thoughts

Product Management is a complex field. So, if you want to gain knowledge, experience, and in-depth understanding of how to develop products using Scrum, only CSPO Certification can provide you with that knowledge and skills. Moreover, it is also important to find a good trainer to get CSPO training. The more the trainer is experienced, the more real-time situations he can build to teach you in the classroom training. This certification will teach you all the tactics to become a great Product Owner, including characteristics, rights, responsibilities, and patterns. Are you ready to join the CSPO Training?

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