6 Biggest Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

It probably comes as a huge surprise, but did you know that riding a motorcycle has immense benefits?

Yeah, well, motorbikes do receive a ton of bad rap because they expose riders to the risk of injuries. But we’re used to hearing the bad so much that we forget there’s actually a lot of good in these two-wheelers.

Without further ado, if you’re not aware of the benefits motorcycle riders enjoy besides seeking thrills, stick around.

Take a look below at the biggest benefits of riding a motorcycle:

The most frustrating experience for car owners is getting stuck in traffic. You literally can’t do anything about it except wait it out and crawl along with the rest of them.

On the other hand, motorcycles hardly ever share the same frustration. You’ve probably noticed bikers zipping past between rows of cars stuck in nasty traffic. That practice is known as lane splitting, and it allows riders to avoid the jam by taking advantage of the middle path.

In any case, lane splitting is legal, and if you can do it safely, you won’t ever worry about traffic.

  • It’s Good Exercise

For first-time riders, motorbikes are exhausting, and that’s because the two-wheeled machines demand a lot of energy to maintain proper balance. With bikes, you don’t just sit back and relax like you would in automobiles. Physically you’re heavily involved.

You see, riders absorb a great deal of shock from the bike’s movements, meaning that the arm, shoulder, and back muscles are constantly working throughout the ride.

One thing is for sure, regular riding is an effective way of strengthening your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Overall, you’d be burning calories with every ride and improving core power.

  • It’s a Stress Reliever

You know when sometimes you simply want to get into your car and drive around to feel better?

It’s the same thing with motorcycles.

But the beauty of bikes is that you’re not confined within, watching from behind a screen. You’ll be interacting directly with your surroundings and the elements. 

Riding through scenic spots will feel a lot more engaging than driving because you can experience the wind in your hair and sunlight in your face. And as you know, nature has strong healing abilities.

  • They Are Cheaper

Bikes are affordable compared to other vehicles unless you’re going for the priciest ones.

Standard bikes are cheaper too in the long run when it comes to maintenance because they have smaller and fewer parts that require replacements.

When you think about it, besides the higher risk of injury, bikes are as good as other vehicles while affordable. A car doesn’t have the edge over a motorcycle in speed and durability, either.

  • Bikes are Eco-Friendly

If you want to contribute to conserving the planet, you have a better chance of doing it with a motorcycle than any other form of fuel-based transport.

The advantage lies in the size of the vehicle. If you were to compare the fuel consumption of a bus with that of a motorbike, it’d seem like bikes are barely sniffing gasoline.

Additionally, the small size means less pressure on the planet’s resources for building and maintenance. And most of all, less discharge of carbon into the atmosphere.

  • They Save You Time

As we mentioned, motorcycles hardly ever sit in traffic due to their small size and easy maneuverability. That translates to many hours saved on the road.

Whether you’re driving, taking the bus, or the subway, you’re using more time than you would with a motorcycle.


We’ve mentioned just a few of the many benefits of motorcycles. Sometimes, it’s not all bad. Besides, the good outweighs the bad when it comes to motorbikes.

However, part of appreciating motorcycles is recognizing that they carry a significant risk of accidents compared to automobiles. This knowledge is the first step towards taking safety measures like wearing proper gear, riding carefully, and staying visible to drivers on the road.

Remember that with motorcycles being high risk, all you can do is the best you can. If you do get in a crash, reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney. You don’t have to suffer over someone else’s negligence on the road.

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