How To Get Rid Of Your Old Car In Exchange For Good Money

Getting rid of an old car may seem challenging. Most car owners rush to sell their old or junk cars to junkyards in exchange for some cash. Though it is one of the quickest ways, there are other options also to consider.

The following article has mentioned 8 smarter ways to get rid of your old car in exchange for good money.

Trade-In Your Old Car

When you’re looking for new car models, it can be a headache thinking that there’s still an old car parking on your driveway. Trade-in your old car may not bring much money, but it is a simpler process than selling.

Trading in a car comes with many benefits. First and foremost it’s quick and easy. You’ll get a reduced taxable sales price and instant transaction. Additionally, if you still owe money on its loan, the dealer will pay it off and deal with the paperwork.

Sell The Car Privately

Another good option is to sell the car to a private dealer or potential car buyer. You can sell the car through social media, a local car dealership, online, or classified ads in newspapers. Make sure you provide correct details about the car and its condition. But you may not be able to get your desired price offer for a car that will cost the buyer a high repair.

Contact A Junk Car Service

When it comes to selling an old wrecked car, dealers don’t always take it as a trade-in for a new car. Especially, if your car is totaled, it can be more stressful to find a buyer. In that case, contacting a junk car service and selling the car there is a good way to get rid of an old car.

While you can find a junkyard in your locality, selling a car online is the easiest way out whether the car is old, trashed or totaled. Not to mention, you’ll get cash in 24-48 hours by using online junk car selling services. You simply need to submit car details and its pictures in the current condition, get an instant quote, accept the offer and they’ll arrange a free towing within the next 24-48 hours. Once they arrive at your place, you hand over the key and get paid instantly.

Recycle The Car

Perhaps your old car has been damaged and unable to run completely. Rather than junking the car where it will sit for years and years, you can select an eco-friendly way and recycle the car.

Vehicle recycling has become popular among car owners due to the success of the green movement. You can find plenty of automobile recyclers who take out the parts and metals to reuse them. Each year, almost 12 million cars are sent to auto recycling yards. Some of the recycling car parts are car batteries, tires, glass, scrap metals, oil filters, catalytic converters, etc.

Restore Your Classic Car

If your old car is classic and vintage, nothing can be better than restoring it. As there are limited numbers of old cars, the value of classic cars might increase in the upcoming years. So, if you can restore it in a good condition, it may end up as a vehicle valuable enough.

Restoring a car can be a complicated procedure. To restore a car, you need proper planning, a lot of research, creating a timeframe and calling for professional help.

Sell The Car On Consignment

Do you want to make money from the old car hassle-free? Then you can opt for a consignment lot. Consigning a car means you’re allowing someone else to sell the car. You only need to drive the car to a lot, place it there, pay the owner a nominal fee and let them do the rest of the work including listing, selling and shipping. This can save you a lot of time and brings more money.

Sell Car’s Scrap Metals

Even though your car is no longer in its original shape, its parts are still worth something. You can make plenty of cash by selling the scrap metals. The larger metal in a car is steel and an average-sized car has around 2500 pounds of steel. Currently, the value of scrap steel is around $130 per ton. Additionally, cars also have aluminum worth $0.42 per pound and a small amount of copper worth $2.85 per pound.

So, when you go to a scrapyard to sell the parts, they measure the car weight or take out the individual metals and calculate the price. You can also do it by yourself and sell scrap metals individually to earn good money.

 Donate Your Car To A Charity

The final option is to donate the car. There are many charities that will willingly take your old car to sell it off in an auction and raise money. Car donations are also tax-deductible. Once your donation is picked up, you’ll receive a receipt by which you can claim the deduction on the next year’s tax.

Now that you know the options to get rid of an old car, try them out and you’ll earn some good money in no time.

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