Different Types And Categories Of RC Cars

Remote-controlled cars have been widespread across generations. These are not necessarily for kids and continue to be a hobby for even adults. An RC car can be considered a very addictive sport for people between the age of 9 to 90 years.

However, buying an RC vehicle is not simple, and there are various factors to consider. It depends a lot on the purpose of the purchase. Considering top-quality parts and accessories play a vital role in the machine’s performance. Look at the points below for more guidance.

Types Of Remote-Controlled Cars

●  Electric

The electric ones are cheaper and easier to clean. They require less maintenance and are great to be used at home. Electric RC cars are easier to run and cost-effective to purchase. They accelerate very fast and offer a quiet operation.

The vehicles are compact as well as powerful. The electric motors are run off of rechargeable batteries and are efficient in their power use. The two standard electric motors include brushed and brushless. The latter is a little expensive, but offers more power.


The nitro cars run primarily on glow plug engines. The engines are fueled using a fusion of nitromethane and methanol. The machine does not run on batteries and only requires fuel to run.

These models run faster than brushed electric vehicles and also quicker than a few brushless ones. The water-resistant quality also makes them unique and more in-demand. The run-time depends on how long the tank can hold the fuel and how much time is needed to refill it. These are not typical average machines and have a lot to offer.


Gasoline engines are included in this category of cars. It operates on a blend of gasoline and oil and has low operating costs. They offer a longer run time compared to the electric ones. The engine comprises four elements – air, fuel, compression, and spark.

The gas RC car clocks in at 50+ miles per hour and is super quick to run. The vehicle must be tuned well after every match and requires regular maintenance. A gas RC vehicle fits excellent for someone who is well-experienced in the world of RC machines and is ready to put in that extra effort.

The Intent Of The Purchase

●  Toy Grade

A toy-grade car is purchased mainly for a child’s entertainment. It is designed keeping in mind the aspect of affordability. One is likely to find it difficult to get hands-on with the spare parts for this category. The steering is restricted to three positions ranging from full-right, full-left, to straight. Kids between 5 to 10 years can be introduced to the world of remote-controlled cars via the toy-grade vehicle.


Adults mostly use hobby-grade cars in professional competitions. They have more features compared to toy-grade ones and can be upgraded. One can customize them to meet the challenging functional requirements. With this, individuals can experience a faster ride. It is more durable and provides greater control. It is Built with precision; the machine will set the right mood on a leisurely day.

Final Words

There are various brands of top RC vehicles like ARRMA, Axial, FMS, etc. Every brand has its unique design and intent. One can choose from buggies, trucks, cars, to crawlers. However, do complete research before making the final decision.

Take a close look at the type of motor, power, size, sturdiness, etc. The process can be challenging yet exciting. It is a fun-filled process that brings in a lot of knowledge. Get in touch with reliable suppliers who have been in the business for some time. Ensure they have top brand models and supply authentic products. So, grab a model that fits best and start driving.

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