5 Exciting Back to School Ideas, 2022

As the start of school once again approaches, you want to be sure that you’re ready for whatever the year may bring. Whether you’re in college or you have a kid in middle or high school, transportation is a major consideration. Rather than driving to and from school, 2022 can be the year that you finally make the switch to a step thru electric bike. An electric bike combines efficiency with exercise and allows you to customize the level of workout you enjoy. This is perfect for rides to and from class when you want to enjoy the weather while getting in some fitness, too.

Fun & Eye Catching Trikes

  1. Harness versatility with an electric tricycle. One of the greatest benefits of trikes like the EVRY journey 250W Tricycle is the versatility they can offer. With the immaculate balance that a tricycle provides, you never have to worry about mounting or dismounting safely. The risk of falling or tipping over is a thing of the past, too. An electric motor further supercharges your ride and gives you the option to reach your destination faster.
  2. Enjoy biking that’s accessible for everybody. Another great advantage of an adult tricycle is the accessibility it offers to anybody who may struggle to ride a traditional bike. If maintaining balance is a challenge, but you still want to take in the scenery while riding a bike, a tricycle will allow you to safely do so.
  3. Get in a great workout for minimal effort. You know that biking can be a great way to exercise, but many people don’t realize just how vigorous the workout can be. Indeed, even with a tricycle, you can exercise all of the major muscle groups in your body. This can build strength, improve your health, and reduce feelings of stress. You’re likely to experience even more benefits when you opt for the safety and security that’s offered by a tricycle like the BodyEase Tricycle.

Bike Baskets for Your Backpack

  1. Carry your school supplies in a cool basket. Nothing is worse than juggling a cumbersome backpack while trying to mount your bike. If you’re in college, you probably have multiple textbooks and a cache of class supplies that you need to tote around all day. This can start to weigh heavily if you don’t have a basket to carry your belongings in. Luckily, there are many bicycle baskets that can make it easy to carry your backpack around campus.
  2. Find a basket that matches your style. Functionality isn’t your only concern when it comes to a bike basket. You also want to get a basket that matches your bike and looks great. There are plenty of baskets on the market to choose from, including bright-colored baskets made from materials such as wicker and wire. Choose the bike basket that’s big enough for your backpack and perfectly suited to match your style. Mount it on the front of your bike to show it off, or mount it on the rear for easy access.

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