A Complete Guide to Your Birth Chart

Authentic psychic readings can help you foresee obstacles and plan for the future. Talking with an astrology psychic can be even more beneficial if you’re interested in how celestial bodies influence the material world. One way to see how the stars impact your life is a birth chart.

How To Navigate Your Celestial Patterns

Birth charts seem complicated at first because they hold so much information. To start, you have the twelve houses representing different aspects of your personality. Then you have the planets, moon and sun, which all fall somewhere on the chart. The placement of each celestial body can provide great insight, but don’t forget to look at the overall pattern, as that has its own significance.

The Seesaw

People born with seesaw patterns are caught between balance and contradiction. They can help others find harmony but struggle to address their own conflicting needs. On a birth chart, the seesaw looks like two clusters on opposite sides.

The Bucket

Individuals with a bucket arrangement in their birth chart have a particular need that outweighs all the rest. What it is varies, but it overshadows everything else about their personality. A bucket pattern includes a heavenly body on one side of the chart and the rest spread out in a bowl shape on the other.

The Splay

If you have the splay arrangement, you may struggle to find your place at first. However, you’ll eventually discover your niche since you’re multitalented. Splay patterns look like random clusters of planets unevenly spread across the birth chart.

The Bowl

People with a bowl spread on their birth charts are movers and shakers. They instigate change and are never satisfied with where they are. A bowl pattern appears when planets congregate on one side of the chart but occupy more than four houses.

The Splash

If you have a splash pattern, you’re interested in a wide range of things. However, you risk being stretched too thin. Splashes are incredibly rare and appear as an even spread.

The Bundle

Individuals with this pattern have infallible personal strength and clear goals. The bundle appears when planets occupy four side-by-side houses.

The Locomotive

People born with a locomotive arrangement are practical and driven. This pattern can start in any house but requires only one or two planets per section, all side-by-side. The result looks like a line.

What Else Can Your Birth Chart Tell You?

While you can get a birth chart on an app or website, consulting with actual zodiac psychics is best, as you can get specific answers. During a reading, your psychic can explain what the placement of each planet means for your daily life:

  • How you express your emotions
  • What you value
  • How you communicate
  • What attracts you
  • How you handle responsibility

Scheduling a reading is easier than ever. All you have to do is search “pet psychic near me” or “zodiac psychic in my city,” and you can find a local expert. You can even schedule a phone or video chat reading with an online psychic.

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