Why Use A Climate Controlled Facility

Are Climate Controlled Storage Units Worth The Extra Cost?

There are a lot of great benefits for renting out a climate-controlled unit compared to a regular storage unit, but are they worth the cost? Climate control allows your belongings to stay stored in a steady, safe temperature so your belongings won’t get ruined during any weather changes. Climate control units offer more security as well. They are behind locked doors in a safe, secure facility. Some belongings need to be stored in climate-controlled facilities so there isn’t any damage. Here are some reasons why you should consider renting a climate-controlled unit.

How To Choose a Location That Is Convenience and Secure

Climate-controlled facilities like Storage Plus- Melbourne, provide a lot of great qualities. One of which is the security you will receive, so how do you choose a facility with good security? Regular standard facilities just have a locked gate. Climate-controlled facilities have an extra layer of security which is either padlocked or has a keypad to keep intruders out. Indoor lighting makes it easier to watch who comes and goes on the security cameras. If there was a theft, law enforcement would be able to see their faces better due to the bright lighting. Choose a location that has these features.

Protection Against Extreme Temperatures

To make sure your personal items are safe and protected from extreme temperature change, whether that be freezing temperatures or higher temperatures, climate-controlled facilities have that protection for you. Your unit will be at a moderate temperature, so there is no reason to worry about any damage being done.

Circulates Fresh Air

The regular standard units don’t have the air quality that controlled climate units do. Therefore there is no way of proper air circulation in the unit, which can end with your belongings being destroyed. Climate-controlled facilities have sealed ventilation that provides fresh air, keeping all of your belongings safe.

No Insects Or Rodents

Outdoor units are more prone to having visitors of insects and rodents. There may even be a chance that there could be some wasp nests in the upper corners. Mice can even get in and chew through your boxes. There are some possibilities of finding mice droppings, then you’d have to throw everything away. Having your unit locked away and secured solves that problem from happening to you.


Wooden Furniture

If you have wooden furniture you’re storing, it’s important to keep it in climate-controlled units. Your wooden furniture can easily be destroyed because wood does not do well in heat, humidity, cold, or moist air. This type of furniture is not meant to be outdoors, there is a higher chance of rotting, and flaking paint, so the air needs to be dry as possible. Leather fades quickly already, add on temperature changes, and humidity increases the speed of deterioration.


Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, dryers, washers, and dishwashers can deteriorate in extreme heat or cold. They cannot get wet, or else they will rust. Storing your electrical appliances outside can also lead to infestations of rodents and insects.

Family Possessions

You probably will have some sentimental family possessions you want to store and keep safe. Climate-controlled facilities are safe, static climate areas to store and be able to access at any time you want.

Musical Instruments

This is a must for any musical instrument. Pianos need to be in steady temperatures and humidity levels so the strings, hammers, and keys won’t rot away. All stringed instruments will lose musical capabilities if they are not stored in a climate-controlled facility.

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