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The Ultimate Rainfall Shower Head Checklist

Having a rainfall shower in your bathroom is like nothing else. Everyone in the family will enjoy a waterfall shower, whether a quick shower to get you going in the morning or a relaxing soak to help you unwind at the end of the day. A shower with a waterfall is a great choice for a family shower.

A rainfall shower is exactly what it sounds like. The rainfall shower head spreads the water out over a large area as rain does. It is the perfect addition to any bathroom. There are many different price points for a rain shower.

At-Home Luxury

Putting in a showerhead that makes rain sounds is a simple way to bring the luxury of a spa into your home. By adding it, your bathing experience’s overall quality will improve.

With the two control levers that come with our Nile Chrome Round Wall Shower Kit, you’ll be able to customize your shower experience to your tastes. With these knobs, you can change how fast the water flows, how hard the water is, and how hot it is.

With the turn of a knob, you can change how much water is poured. You can go from a drizzle to a heavy downpour in a few seconds. The only thing that could go wrong with this plan is that different people in your family might have to take turns showering.

Most affordable

Once upon a time, rainfall showers were considered a luxury and were only found in the bathrooms of high-end hotels and spas. Rainfall showers, on the other hand, are now available to anyone who wants to buy one. They are getting cheaper than ever, making it possible for us to put them in our family bathrooms and suites.


At Bathrooms Direct, we sell safe rainfall showers for the whole family to use because they are made to keep people from getting burned if the water gets too hot. The thermostatic valve with the Niagra Chrome Square Head Rainfall Shower keeps the water at a pre-set temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and keeps a steady flow of water from the shower. If either the hot or cold water supply stops working, the appliance will turn off on its own.

Investing cheaply

Installing a rain shower head in your bathroom is a simple upgrade that won’t cost you much but could make a big difference in the room. This cheap upgrade can improve your shower and make you, your family, and your guests feel more at home. Installing a modern shower head could make a big difference in how your bathroom feels.


Many people previously thought shower heads looked awkward and cumbersome, with hoses hanging in strange places and nozzles sticking out unpleasantly. If you have one of those modern rainfall showers, you won’t need a shower curtain because the shower will be so open and airy!

Our Victoria Square Black Concealed Shower Kit is the perfect shower for customers interested in buying one of our showers who want a simple way to update their bathroom. This model, which comes in a sleek and modern black finish, is the perfect addition to any bathroom suite because of its sleek and modern design. You can also get it.

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