The Only Hand Held Shower Head Guide You’ll Ever Need

Most people take more than 28,000 showers throughout their lives. If you want to get the most out of your shower time, you might want to use a hand held shower head instead of a regular one. These handheld units are attached to the wall of your shower with a rubber hose. They are easy to take off, so you can direct the water exactly where you want it. With these showerheads, saving water and energy is easy, but you won’t have to give up water pressure to get clean and feel good. The best part is that these devices can be put in as easily as a standard fixed showerhead without tearing down or refinishing anything.

Before switching to a handheld showerhead, there are a few things to consider. Here are the top four reasons a handheld showerhead might be the best for your bathroom.

Sparkling shower

Do you have a hard time getting soap scum and mildew off the walls of your shower? John Bridge Tile Company says it’s easy to keep your shower clean and fresh if you wipe it down after each use. After every shower, no family has time to go out and buy cleaning supplies. When you use a handheld showerhead, you’re more likely to use it to rinse off before drying it off with a towel because it’s so convenient.

If you’re too busy to wash and rinse the shower every day, a handheld showerhead might make it easier to get rid of soap scum. To make your tile and grout look better again, use one of these units to spray down the walls quickly and then scrub.

At-home spa

Even the simplest handheld showerheads give you more comfort and freedom. In addition to being massagers, many handheld devices have different settings that let you make your spa experience exactly how you want it. If your muscles are tight after a workout, you can massage them in your bathroom with a handheld showerhead.

With a handheld shower head, you can direct the water exactly where it needs to go. No more scrubbing for hours to get the soap out of hard-to-reach places or fighting to rinse the shampoo out of long hair. Guys should use these showerheads to wash and dry their hair, and women should find it easy to shave their legs. With a handheld showerhead that can also be used as a fixed showerhead, you can get the best of both worlds when you can’t use both hands.


Fixed showerheads waste a lot of water and money when you take a shower. Using a handheld showerhead, you can save water and keep your utility costs down. Your water bills will go down, and you’ll also save money on the energy needed to heat that water. Many handheld showerheads have an off switch on the handle that lets you use even less water. If you have this switch in your hands, you’ll be more likely to turn off the water or lower the temperature as you lather or shave.

You can buy a low-flow handheld showerhead from several companies if you don’t want to waste water. Specialized aerators are used in these devices to raise pressure while less water is used. If you choose a toilet with a rating of 2 GPM or less, you can save 2,300 gallons of water per year.

Better control for older or disabled

Handheld showerheads are good for people of all ages, but those with limited mobility stand to gain the most. Fixed showerheads can’t be raised or lowered, but handheld showerheads usually come with a hose 3 to 6 feet long (0.9 to 1.8 meters). Because the hoses are so long, these showerheads can be helpful for people who need to use a shower bench because they are hurt or old. Handheld showerheads can help seniors and people with disabilities stay independent by letting them wash while sitting down. With a handheld showerhead, it’s also easier for caregivers to bathe their patients because they can direct the water right where it’s needed. Families with elderly or disabled members should consider getting one of these portable units so everyone can bathe safely and comfortably.

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