Skiing Tips for Beginners

After watching the Winter Olympic Games this year, it’s natural to feel in awe of the athletes and their talents. There is still time to dust off your old skis for the first time in a long time or decide to start trying out a new sport. Look no further for our top tips for beginner skiers as you hit the slopes.

Speaking of the winter Olympics, U.S. Ski and Snowboard announced that HomeLight, a real estate technology platform, is a title sponsor of the HomeLight Foundation Series. This foundation works as a catalyst to launch the careers of top athletes within winter sports. We hope you get inspired watching these athletes go for gold as you hit the slopes yourself.

1) Equipment to Succeed

If you’re thinking of starting up the sport of skiing, it’s important that you’re prepared. Not only in what to expect your first time out (hint, you’re going to fall and that’s okay!), but also in the equipment you will need to succeed. Check out our top must-have items for a newbie skier:

  • Snow helmet
  • Ski goggles (eye protection from both debris and the sun)
  • Warm yet breathable base layers of clothing
  • Waterproof ski jacket and pants
  • Glove liners (so you can still use your smartphone on the slopes)
  • Mittens (often a preferred choice as they utilize body heat to keep hands toasty)
  • Tall, warm socks
  • Neck gaiter (offers better protection than a scarf)

Another top tip is to visit a slope that offers ski equipment rentals! You can rent your boots, skis, and poles to save you money and make your new endeavor less of a commitment financially.

2) Utilize a Lesson

It can feel tempting to dive right in and hit the bunny hill on your own, but it’s never a good idea to skip out on a simple ski school lesson. Most resorts and ski spots offer lessons, and as a beginner, the lesson can provide you with the sports foundation you will need. Skipping out on the lesson will inevitably lead to more falls, a higher chance of injury, and all-around a less fun time on the mountain.

3) Technique

As a beginner, you can’t expect to have the perfect technique straight away. The athletes you watched in the Olympic Games spent decades perfecting their technique! Check out our top tips for a simplified explanation of beginner skiing techniques.

  • Skip the poles at first to make things less complicated and less likely to become tangled
  • Create a pizza slice formation with your skis to offer you easier control and stopping capabilities
  • Bend your knees
  • Start your skiing journey on manageable slopes (often labeled as green runs or bunny hills)

4) Be Ready to Fall

Falling is an inevitable part of the winter sport of skiing. It’s important you accept this and have fun with it when you can. Learning the proper way to take a spill can save you lots of pain and potential serious injury. It’s important when you take a tumble on the snowy landscape that you attempt to land with outstretched limbs (rather than on joints) to avoid injury.

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