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Rudimental guide to digital citizenship

In the era of digitised economies, we really cannot miss talking about digital citizenship because that is the biggest reality of today. The modern human cannot afford to survive without such sort of citizenship because that connects him to the rest of the world. Still, countless people across the globe do not understand the concept of digital citizenship.

An insight into the basics of digital citizenship to offer a modern lifestyle

We know how desperate we are to chase the latest ways of living in this era where information and communication are the two pillars to gain power. With the help of the basics of this concept, anyone can live a modern life.

What is digital citizenship?

The Digital citizenship concept is all about responsible use of digital platforms and devices to connect with society at varying levels. It demands people to be sensible while they use the new technology. Also, the purpose of using digital devices should be constructive.

Elements of digital citizenship

Now, after the meaning, it is time to interact with the fundamentals of the concept and understand why this concept has become significant for modern people.

Digital literacy

Digital citizenship drives first attention towards the need for digital literacy. As it demands responsible behaviour from the users, it is necessary to educate people about this technology. How to use digital equipment, what are the dos and don’ts, what user habits are harmful etc., include this concept?

Technically, digital literacy is basically about how a person uses digital platforms to transfer information and communicate with rest of the world. As it also talks about the constructive use of devices, unethical hacking is against the principles of digital citizenship. While on the other hand, if a person is searching for online long-term loans for bad credit people to improve rating, it is a good use. A digital citizen should always embrace the right habits.

Democratic behaviour and respect for others

As we have the word ‘citizen’ in the term, it aims to give respect to all other people using this communication platform. A digital citizen always gives respect to the thinking of other people. After all, it is a huge platform, and people worldwide express their emotions and thoughts. It is not necessary that all can agree with each other. But at least, people can give respect to what others say.

In the virtual world, all are equal, and all have the right to express their thoughts that are shaped according to their atmosphere. Geographical differences, cultural dissimilarities, political conditions all shape thoughts and people react accordingly. It is important to give a respectful space to what people think in the rest of the world.

Understanding of internet functioning

Internet functioning is an obvious element because just like a citizen of a country needs to know how an economy’s rules work, the same is in this concept. A digital citizen should always know how the digital platforms work and how to use the devices for personal and social progress. From knowledge of the use of language in a cultured manner to understanding the role of satellite communication, everything includes it.

In most cases, people should be aware of the basic functioning of the most popular WWW, the World Wide Web. Similarly, the rules and ethics, and threats all should be on the tips of the users. Their daily routine activities should be informed and backed up with the right knowledge. It is necessary to prevent people from using digital ways wrongly due to ignorance.

The Practice of digital wellness

Yes, digital citizenship is also a way to ensure wellness with the use of digital methods. In most the cases, people use digital devices, but they do not understand how they should ensure their wellness while using the technology. Digital wellness wants to ensure the good health of the digital citizens with a list of do’s and don’ts while working on mobiles, laptops or any sort of equipment or device.

Digital wellness is about using digital platforms but with a limit. People should also learn when they should leave their devices and give rest to their eyes. It reduces screen time and ensures a decided routine to use this advanced technology of communication.

The digital divide is an important concern

Of course, it is an important concern because it talks about the people who unfortunately have no access to modern communication methods. This may sound weird, but it is a reality that even today, a considerable part of the world population has no reach to digital technology. You can call it a contradiction to democratic behaviour because it keeps many people devoid of this technology.

Even in the developed economies like the United Kingdom and the United States, some people do not have digital citizenship. The latter has 24% people even in this era with no access to this smart information carrier. It sounds quite bad because of the speed with which human civilisation is growing. It sounds like bad news.

The digital citizens should have an understanding of this divide because then only they can help fill the gap, and they may take the initiative to help people get access. They also have the right to become a digital citizen and use it to find a job, send money online, apply for a loan, post pictures on social media and watch information and entertainment videos.


Digital citizenship is an interesting concept, and it demands equality for the best use of digital technology and keeps everyone equal. It is not only a concept but also the demand of the hour as well as era. For a better tomorrow, the world needs to embrace the concept and work in a promising direction. Yes, the challenges are there, such as the digital divide, but we always try our best.

In the coming decades, we should aim to ensure access to this communication method to 100% population of the globe. This may sound like a philosophy, but it is not impossible. It is like a research result with a hypothesis that is realistic.

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