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Growing Importance Of Channel Partner Management For Every Real Estate Business

Partnerships are the foundation of any successful strategy. When it comes to Real Estate, there’s no better way to build strong relationships than by strengthening your partnership with your channel partners.

However, before you begin to create a vision for your partnerships, you need to define a strategy that will keep your team focused on selling your product. This can be achieved by having a proper channel partner management system in place.

This blog will tell you all you need to know about channel partners in Real Estate and the various ways to attract Real Estate, channel partners.

What is Channel Partner Management?

A channel partner is a third person who promotes your business and helps you increase your sale. In Real Estate, channel partners not only endorse realty projects, but many also underwrite them and are paid by the developers for their services.

There is no doubt that realtor and channel partners amalgamation is a mutually benefitting association. Real Estate channel partners assure realtors of selling their property and take care of most marketing activities like property listing, lead generation, digital marketing, and so on. Moreover, realtors can boost their profitability without having to hire a larger sales team.


However, you cannot just connect with any Real Estate channel partner to promote your property. For the partnership to be successful, you need to identify the right people to retain them for your brand. This is where channel partner management comes into the picture.

Channel Partner Management consists of all the activities Real Estate needs to undertake to coordinate and cooperate with a channel partner. It includes developing, administering, and optimizing ongoing relationships with channel partners.


The channel partner management technique varies from brand to brand. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Instead, each brand should focus on finding a custom solution and management strategies that work best for them.

Follow Up on Expertise

While some realtors follow the traditional approach of offering commissions, others focus on providing comprehensive training and effective tools for better sales and promotional activities. This gives the partner network members an edge over their competitors.

By empowering them with training, tools, and proper insights, you gain their respect and help win more business for your brand.

A Trustworthy Association

Customers today prefer dealing with channel partners in Real Estate more than the builder’s team. With a firm grip in technology and marketing, channel partners provide customers with varied options, unbiased consulting, and better discounts.

As channel partners get more access to relevant resources from realtors, they focus on providing customers with a quality experience. This helps build trust in customers who, in turn, are eager to invest in your real estate projects.

How to Attract Channel Partners?

The right Channel Management strategy goes beyond the transaction-based approaches adopted by most realtors. It is essential to understand your target audience’s wants and needs before selecting the right partner who can help promote your projects effectively. A few simple ways to attract more of such channel partners for Real Estate include:

Focus on their Success

It is no secret that both parties have their own vested interest in a partnership. A good collaboration is transparent about these interests and committed to helping each other achieve them. After all, your success is also dependent on your partner’s success.

Hence, realtors should also focus on their channel partners’ success and not just their company to attract channel partners. In addition, they have to assure their partners of the financial benefits they will have with this relationship. Most importantly, you should position yourself as a trustworthy organization that cares about its partners.

Automate Your Workflow

Manual processes and constrained access to data hinders the partner’s journey. Automating your workflow facilitates the sales process across your sales team and channel partners. Workflow automation takes care of the administrative tasks, freeing channel partners to focus better on customers. Besides, automation will also bring more transparency in partner interactions and enable a more effective feedback mechanism.

Enable Transparent Transaction

A partnership of any kind thrives on transparency. Hence, it’s crucial to establish clear goals and plans at the beginning itself. Unless your partners know what your goals are, they will not be able to help you reach there. This includes a view of the target market, strategies, tactics, and resources both parties have committed to. Clarity and transparency in all communications help to build long-lasting relationships.

Provide the Right Tools and Support

Your channel partners need the right tool and insights to flourish in their work. They can be high-quality sales leads, real-time insights on price and quotation, and constructive feedback. Such tools and support will help them navigate the sales and marketing landscape effectively.


A well-managed Real Estate channel partner program can help businesses achieve exceptional results. But before you start strategizing for an effective Channel Partner Program, it’s important to understand why it works.

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