8 Steps to Setup Multiple Screens for Your Trader Station

Trading is both exciting and rewarding but can also be highly stressful. That last thing you need is for your equipment to fail you at that critical time. Whether you choose to go for dual monitor setups or to go all out and invest in a 6 monitor setup is entirely up to you. Simply make sure you get equipment that you can rely on. For more details, visit to see the top of the range multi monitor system you could buy, including the highly coveted Falcon computers. 

8 Steps for your 6 Monitor Setup 

Now that you’ve decided to review multiple monitor setups to find your perfect arrangement, you’ll need to know some basic steps. These will help you plan ahead for your ideal 6 monitor setup. 

1- Check Own Computer Specifications 

Your first decision is whether you need to change your laptop or desktop to support a 6 monitor setup. The basic specifications are to have at least 16GB of RAM, or ideally 32GB, with a CPU of around 3.5Hz to 4.5Hz. 

Another point to check is what type and how many input ports you have. Most computers have two video ports but you’ll need more to connect your 6 monitor setup. Although, you can also get an external adapter to connect to your computer. 

2- Determine Your Display Adapters 

Your video card or graphics card is a critical piece of hardware for a 6 monitor setup. That’s because graphics cards are required to enable images across your monitor screens. Most motherboards have an integrated graphics card but it’s worth considering getting a discrete graphics card if you feel you need more power. 

Before you go out and buy new equipment for your 6 monitor setup, make sure that you’ve updated your graphics card driver. This will give you a performance boost and extra features useful for fine-tuning your visual outputs. 

3- Monitor Screens 

These days you can get highly affordable TN panels without having to splash out for the higher resolution VA or IPS screens. You’ll find that most traders are more than happy with a 1080-pixel resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. Only gamers tend to go for the higher specifications for their 6 monitor setup. 

At this point, you’ll also need to consider what cables you need. These usually come as a USB, HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort connector. Although, you might need conversion cables depending on what screens and computer arrangement you end up with for your 6 monitor setup. These come in many formats including DisplayPort to DVI, DVI to HDMI and VGA to DVI, amongst others. 

It’s important to note that VGA is an analog connector and usually gives you a performance drop in terms of your visuals. That’s why it’s a good idea to convert it to DVI. 

4- Adjustable Mounts Versus Desk Stand

Traders need to make decisions quickly by reviewing many data points and sources of information. So, you need to be able to see your 6 monitor setup easily and accurately. The best way is to get adjustable mounts to tilt each screen exactly how you need it. 

Then again, some people prefer simply putting their monitor on the desk. It really depends on what desk and chair arrangement you have and how it all fits when you start working. 

5- Horizontal Versus Vertical Orientation 

Traders need to review many charts but also news sources and messaging boards. So, some traders place their charts on horizontally arranged screens whilst their reading material is on vertical screens. 

You’ll find your own way to optimise the arrangement of your 6 monitor setup through trial and error. Nevertheless, you might want to first plan how many charts you need at any one time. Then, consider that each monitor comfortably holds 4 charts. From there, you can calculate your ideal multi monitor setup. 

6- Display Settings 

To connect monitors is easy especially because your computer will pick up on the fact that you have more than two monitors. If not, you can easily go into display settings and click detect. 

Another point to note is that you can customise details such as where you want your taskbar and how your cursor shows up when you touch the mouse. You might also want to test out shortcut apps such as DisplayFusion that can help you be more efficient with your 6 monitor setup. 

7- Tools and Data 

Before you start trading with your 6 monitor setup, you might want to do some online courses and research your trading strategy. Another useful tip is to start trading with a dummy account so that you can test things out without losing money. 

A common mistake for beginner traders is to have too many unnecessary charts across their 6 monitor setup. That’s why you need to fine-tune a trading strategy and work out exactly what you need. 

8- Ergonomics 

Last but not least, you need to be comfortable working at your 6 monitor setup for hours on end. You’ll need extra space for your multi monitor system as well as a good ergonomic chair that supports your back.

Parting Words on a 6 Monitor Setup for Trading 

Trading is all about reviewing the right data and making informed decisions based on a tried and tested strategy. To do that, you need the right tools and equipment. Make sure you work through the steps to get the perfect combination of graphics cards with monitors and visual display. Then, you can focus on trading and building a successful business. 

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