Why Successful Recruiting Has Become Harder in the Past Five Years

Over time, recruitment has become challenging for HR managers and the transformation of the labor market continues internationally. However, organizations are lacking top talent in their recruitment pipelines especially Philippines HR professionals are failing to develop a successful recruiting strategy. After two years of employment, 40% of millennial Filipino employees are more likely to resign from their jobs. A survey of more than 200 HR specialists showed that most companies are lacking skilled top talent even though 43% of organizations have capitalized on their recruitment. 55% of applicants consider recruitment procedures more complex and challenging than in the past despite improved resources. Only less than 20% of companies have become able to hire and retain skilled candidates. Here is why successful recruiting has become harder in the past five years.

Longer Hiring Period Drives Away the Filipino Candidates

A longer hiring period or slow recruitment process could be a side cause of ineffective recruitment. The Philippians HR recruiters are facing challenges in hiring qualified talents nowadays. It is a battle to track down appropriate applicants. In addition, multiple recruitment stages before actual hiring result in a longer hiring period which may turn back the Filipino candidates.

Poor Hiring Decisions Lead Towards Ineffective Hiring

Successful hiring has become difficult these days because the uncertain economic conditions have made organizations reluctant to hire. However, they still advertise the available position and take interviews even if they are not willing to recruit them. The companies make poor hiring decisions when the current staff is available to deal with workloads and compromise their actual working hours. Therefore, they are not hassled to hire the candidate in the first place. Another ineffective recruitment decision companies made is to post job ads when a hire is recognized, just to make the recruitment fair and transparent. Successful recruitment counts on being transparent as much as you can about your hiring procedure and being obliged to hire the applicant. The companies that do not chalk out their recruitment plans properly and waste the time of applicants along with their hiring managers, make successful recruiting harder.

External and Internal Factors Influencing Recruitment

The external and internal factors also make successful recruiting more difficult these days than in the past. The internal factors include all the internal activities associated with an organization’s business while the external factors could be industry attractiveness, and political or economic factors. One of the influential external factors that have made successful recruiting harder than the previous years is Covid-19. Most businesses are taking their last breath due to the pandemic thus causing a high employee turnover rate and lower hiring. In addition, the pandemic has raised a growing trend of remote jobs and remote workers, which again has affected successful recruitment. Approximately 69% of people consider external factors as the cause of their negative development. External factors can affect an organization both negatively and positively simultaneously.

Restricted Application Process Hampers Successful Recruiting

The lengthy application process is the main bottleneck to reaching qualified candidates also, it has become difficult to attract already employed candidates. Restructuring the existing restricted application process is needed to smooth down the application process, which will make the experience effortless for applicants. The use of mobile devices to access services or things has blown up, as 56% of candidates are more likely to search for jobs or submit their job applications through mobile devices. Therefore, in order to improve the process, the companies should put emphasis on the unproblematic and unrestricted application process to receive multiple job applications.

Reasons for Outsourcing Recruiting To PEOs When Expanding Globally

Outsourcing recruiting to PEOs comes with multiple advantages such as shrunk costs, increased business profits, and improved savings owing to economies of scale. Around 66% of the respondents to a study conducted in 2012 stated that the major reason for outsourcing recruitment is cutting costs. The outsource recruiters as if Canada PEO knows well about getting a team into running and completing the recruitment process within days instead of weeks or months. When expanding globally, handling recruitment procedures on your own will take a much longer time and your entry to a new market will be restricted. Canada PEO can help you in dipping staff turnover and hiring the right person for the right job. To penetrate a new market, familiarity with the local laws, societal concerns, customs, culture, and traditions is crucial. Outsourcing recruiting to Canada PEO confirms that the recruitment procedures are in adherence to local requirements.

Final Thoughts

Companies reluctant to change their recruitment procedures will encounter difficulties while hiring. Making hiring procedures suitable for candidates can help companies to develop successful recruitment. The companies can fix their recruitment issues by developing proficient applicant advertising strategies, setting restricted or broken application procedures, and considering cost structures.

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