Do better in the class 6 final examination

When one steps to class 6, this is when each and every student starts taking their studies seriously. In fact, the schools also try to maintain a proper curriculum and syllabus in order to prepare the students for higher classes in future.

Now, this is the time, one has to get serious about their examinations as well. Though one should be serious about it, they must not panic about it. In case of CBSE examinations, the questions and examinations always follow a pattern. One can start preparing at least 2 to 3 months before the final examination begins. Manage this time to classify and study the class 6 NCERT books, revising them and practising on a daily basis.

Steps to makes examination better

If one follows a few steps diligently for 60 to 70 days, then they have a better chance to score really well in the examination. If one is thinking what those steps are, then here are some ideas that one must take into consideration:

Manage Your Time

Each day has 24 hours. Now, one has to make a time slot for studies every day. It is a good idea to go through at least 3 subjects in a day. Apart from studying, one also needs to set some time when they can relax. During this time, one can do anything that interests them like drawing, playing, listening to music or watch something. It is better to not read in this time because studying itself is reading.

Write What You Learn

Once one has learned a topic, they need to make a habit of writing it down. The experts mostly advise one to write them down and that too in a fast pace. But while doing that, one should also be sincere about their handwriting so that they do not spoil it. This habit will help one know that how much time they are taking to finish a chapter. It will ultimately help one to manage their time during examination.

Do Not Ignore Diagrams

If one feels tired of reading text books constantly, then they can take a break and start drawing diagrams. This will help one to relax. Not only that, it will help one to figure out what one misses out when drawing those diagrams and rectify the mistake.

Have Proper Sleep                 

Apart from studying, one has to eat, sleep and relax timely. This is because; one cannot break their heads on notes and textbooks for the entire day. When one is free and lying on the bed they can at the most recall what they learnt that day. Or else one can make a study plan for the next day before sleep and give some extra time to the subject in which they are weak.

 Exercise or Meditate

All study and no movement can make one sick and the brain becomes lazy as well. So, one needs to indulge into some physical exercises like running, walking, skipping, jumping or a light exercise routine. This can make a student’s brain more active. Meditation can also improve the concentration power and help one to focus better on the studies. It also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Hence, these habits can help one to stay physically fit and in good health when they are preparing for the examination.

Create Mental Associations

One should try to relate on what they have learnt in different subjects. Making connection is definitely an easy way to remember a lesson. This can also make things easier and hassle free to remember.

 Use Mnemonic Technique

The best way to remember things is like making short formulas or sentences. This becomes very useful when one has to remember some mathematics formula or a series of events that happened over the years in a history chapter.

Study in a Group

Studying in a group can also help one to gather some new insights from the fellow mates. When one studies in a group it can enhance their learning experience. During a group study one can share their resources and interact ideas with the other students. This habit always makes the learning process interactive and beneficial.

When one is preparing for the examination, one can take help from the Infinity Learn solutions and get all the details and how to solve questions on different subjects. One can watch knowledgeable videos on particular topics because according to many experts an audio visual clipping can have more impact on the brain than a book. It makes remembering things easier. Also, one needs to relax the day before the exam. They can do a light revision, have healthy food and then go to sleep on time. Having a proper sleep can always relax the mind and one can wake up fresh and ready to sit for the examination and score better.

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