Custom Poly Mailers: Why and Where to buy

If you are a business owner or run an ecommerce store then you are no stranger to shipping issues. Aside from doing everything possible to keep shipping costs down, another point of concern is the actual packaging. You want to convey a certain brand experience, don’t you? And surely you also want to impress your customers? (We heard their resounding “Yes!”)

What are Custom Poly Mailers?

Custom poly mailers are elastic envelope packaging. They are made from 100% polyethylene, making them lightweight, durable and tear resistant. For this reason, they are ideal for shipping clothing and non-fragile goods, as they are also equipped with a self-closing adhesive strip and an easy-to-open pull tab.

Custom poly mailers offer a good alternative to bulky cardboard boxes for ecommerce shop owners who are wondering whether to send a gift bag or a package in a plastic bag.

What are Custom poly mailers used for?

Custom poly mailers are used to ship products, especially soft goods such as clothing. Of course, since they do not offer the same protection as a cardboard box, custom poly mailers should only be used for shipping non-fragile goods.


Are Custom poly mailer envelopes recyclable?

Yes, Custom poly mailers are recyclable! Most poly mailers are made from environmentally friendly materials. Custom poly mailers are made from 100% polyethylene. They are marked with recycling code 4 and this symbol is printed on the mailers. Many recycling centers accept Code 4 as a harmless form of plastic.

How much does a plastic envelope weigh?

Many people ask how much weight they can put in a plastic mailer. This also depends on the dimensions of the envelope and the volume of the contents.

Custom poly mailers come in two sizes (19cm x 27cm and 25cm x 33cm) so you have the perfect mailer for your purpose.

Below is a handy chart showing you what items typically fit in the different sizes of mailers:

19 cm x 27 cm 25 cm x 33 cm
Parish 1 T-Shirt
napkins shirt

Note that these are rough guidelines only and the garment fabric can affect how much plastic fits in the mailer.

How much does it cost to ship with Custom poly mailers?

So if you’re already considering plastic mailers (and we hope you are!), you might have some unanswered questions about shipping. The first is: is a plastic mailer actually a large envelope? Well, shipping companies classify a plastic mailer as a package or as a large envelope, depending on its dimensions. In general, however, plastic mailers are commonly shipped by the United States Postal Service as first class mail, priority mail, and media mail. The service used would be Parcel or Heavy Envelope.

Where to order custom mailers plastic

You are in the right place with custom poly mailers Every mailer you print is completely customized. Simply select the quantity you want and then upload your graphic. You can upload a high-resolution photograph, an artistic reproduction, a company logo, and more. There are no restrictions on the type of your graphic.

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