Apigenin supplement | Properties, Benefits | Doses and Safety

What is apigenin Supplement?

Apigenin is known to be a bioactive flavonoid , which is a natural compound widely present in the plant world, with anti- inflammatory , antioxidant , antiangiogenic , antiallergic , antigenotoxic and anticancer properties. Apigenin supplement supports prostate health. Promotes glucose metabolism. Maintains nervous system function. There has been research on the possibility that it might promote cellular health in different tissues.

What is an Apigenin supplement used for?

A diet rich in flavonoids such as apigenin could reduce the risk of some forms of cancer , particularly those of the breast , digestive tract , skin and prostate. It is also thought that this substance may play a protective role in other diseases influenced by the oxidative process , such as cardiovascular and neurological disorders . It may also have detoxifying properties .

Can it help against dark circles?

Apigenin supplement is also an excellent active ingredient for the treatment of dark circles . The latter, of vascular coloring, are in fact directly linked to the state of the blood network and the reduction of blood microcirculation is manifested through darker , marked and visible capillaries . The vascular walls are consequently less elastic and more permeable , locally creating dilation and blood stasis . Hemoglobin then accumulates in the infra-orbital part and degrades by oxidation into biliverdin ,bilirubin or iron . The latter are at the origin of the characteristic coloring of tiredness under the eyes. Apigenin therefore reduces the fragility of blood capillaries , strengthening the dermal matrix that supports the microvascular network .

Is Apigenin supplement an antioxidant?

This flavonoid is a potent antioxidant that delays neurodegeneration in the peripheral nervous system. Indeed, oxidative stress contributes to the progression of neurodegenerative diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease , Parkinson’s disease , stroke and diabetic neuropathy. Apigenin strongly inhibits lipoxygenase , an enzyme belonging to the oxidoreductase class. Consequently, the peroxidation of lipids is thus reduced .

Furthermore, as regards its anti- inflammatory properties instead, it could be useful in fighting allergies , as well as being an excellent antiviral agent  for the treatment of HIV .

Who shouldn’t take it

If you take other medications or over-the-counter drugs, the effects of any apigenin supplement may vary, increasing the risk of side effects or causing the supplement to not work perfectly . By telling your doctor about the medicines you are taking, you can help prevent or manage the interaction of medicines with supplements.


Apigenin supplement is an antioxidant substance naturally made up of plants. It belongs to the flavonoid family and to the flavone subgroup. In particular, among the more than 6,000 different flavonoids known, apigenin represents one of the most abundant in the daily diet.

It is especially abundant in chamomile tea and appears to help reduce anxiety and fight insomnia when taken in high doses.

Additionally, apigenin supplements can produce antioxidant effects and even help fight cancer.

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