7 Tips for Wearing Custom Jackets at the Wedding

Super trend, personalized jackets give charm and style to the wedding dress. See beautiful options of pieces that match different styles to inspire!

Super trend out there, custom jacket is increasingly conquering the brides as well. Here, it ends up being an alternative for those who are getting married in autumn/winter and don’t want to give up the neckline or a more open dress model.

In general, brides don’t wear the coat at the ceremony, but once it’s over, the accessory can be included in the look, ensuring a super stylish look and fun clicks in the making of the bride, whether with the groom or the bridesmaids.

Customized wedding jackets: how to adhere to the idea?

It is possible to make a custom jacket  in many different ways! You can choose a phrase that marked the couple, write “ Just Married ” or, in Portuguese, “Recém-Casados”. If it’s a gift for the bridesmaids , one idea is to write “Bride” on yours and put the names – or initials – of each bridesmaid on theirs.

There is no rule! In addition to leather models, the custom jacket can also compose an amazing look. If you choose the leather jacket, but you don’t like the traditional black jacket, you can opt for the leather jacket in other colors. One of the most used by brides is the white leather jacket. If you want something more retro, it’s worth betting on the college jacket .

7 Tips for Wearing a Custom Jacket at your Wedding:

  1. Ideal option for those who are getting married in the cold
    As it is more suitable for brides who are getting married during the winter, especially in the colder months, such as June and July, the ideal is to look for heavy materials, such as leather and jeans. When it comes to dresses, combine your jacket with models of strapless dress with a waist and with voluminous skirts, in addition to loose dresses , which also work.
  2. Choose the model that values ​​the body
    If the bride is looking for a custom leather jacket model that doesn’t flatten or shorten her silhouette, Cristian recommends the shortest pieces, with the length up to a maximum of the waist.
  3. Abuse style and personality in the look
    The leather jacket is a great alternative for brides with rocker, country, folk, modern and, of course, a lot of personality. As for materials, there is no rule to combine, as it will depend on which one you choose.
    However, leather jackets and jeans go well with casual ceremonies, in the countryside and in informal places. On the other hand, more structured fabrics, embroidered details with gemstones and slightly more serious modeling are the perfect choices for classic and romantic brides.
  4. Abusing colors in the jacket is allowed!
    When it comes to leather, there are currently many color options for brides to make their custom jackets. For romantic brides, shades of rosé, off-white and even those more drawn to pastel. Black is undoubtedly for modern personalities, one can even think about adding same-colored details to the dress to match!
  5. Jackets for bridesmaids
    A simple but awesome idea is to make custom jackets for you and your bridesmaids. In place of traditional robes, heavier pieces can be an alternative not only for the Big Day, but also for pre-wedding photos.
  6. Choose the phrase/name/design you will place
    The phrases stamped on the pieces go according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The newly formed ‘family name’, ceremony and courtship dates and even short but meaningful phrases can be selected.
  7. Special memory for friends
    Wedding souvenir for the bridesmaids? For sure! When creating your jacket, take into account that you can also turn the piece into a super gift for one of the most important days of your life. And, of course, you can use it later, with other looks.

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