Challenges at current job

There are numerous parts to life, and one of the most important is having a good job. We choose subjects and degrees based on our interests in academic life. We fantasize about working in that field. We learn new talents and put them into practice on the job.

Jobs are vital because they allow us to be self-sufficient and meet our requirements. We work hard to attain the job of our dreams, but sometimes we are confronted with a harsh reality. There is always more than one dimension of a certain thing. Jobs also includes different dimensions. Enhancing our social position and increasing our lifestyle is one dimension of being in a job. Another dimension is the difficulties that come with it, which may exhaust us. We overlook the latter approach when looking for a job, and when we are stuck with it, jobs tend to drain our energy and negatively impact our mental health.

According to a Microsoft survey (2021), 41% of the global workforce will be considering giving resignation. It indicates that they are not satisfied due to challenges at their current job. Sometimes jobs are not the issue but our ability to cope with that stress. One factor is time management. Complex work is given, and due time is too short to complete that task. It drains the mind in a way that causes extreme frustration. Sometimes we consider ourselves as a misfit in the organization. There is a problem to adapt to the culture of a workplace. Colleagues and employers may also bring an unpleasant environment at the current job. It causes low motivation at the job and a constant urge to leave that workplace. Job holders sometimes feel they are looked down on by their colleagues. As a result, they don’t communicate themselves efficiently and become more reserved. Such an environment hinders the creative outlook of the workforce. People get displeased with their jobs when they do extremely hard work and, as a result, won’t get promoted or appreciated.

When there is a mismatch between job requirements and the workers’ capabilities, resources, or needs, work-related stress occurs which is considered harmful. Most studies agree that work-related stress can be caused by many challenges at the current job. These dangers are separated into two categories: physical and psychosocial. Workplace exposure to physical dangers has been linked to anxiety and physical exertion, which leads to work-related stress. Psychosocial risks include factors such as job design, organization, and administration, as well as the social structure of the workplace, all of which can have severe consequences for individuals. Moreover, challenges at the current job that causes work-related stress causes adverse effects in an organizational environment. Unfavorable outcomes are observed in the mental and physical health of a worker. It affects performance and organizational commitment is influenced by such stress.

There is mounting evidence that current employment patterns are negatively impacting job satisfaction and deteriorating people’s physical and mental health. Low levels of job satisfaction are linked to high levels of work stress.

Are you the one who faced one or more of the above-stated situations? Do you feel the urge to just resign from your job? Is your mental peace being affected by a toxic environment or challenges in the workplace? Are you not getting the desired output?

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