5 Considerations Before Getting Invisalign

For people who would like straight teeth as an adult, wearing braces may not be appealing because they are obvious and can make you self-conscious. Invisalign is discreet, which is a great way of getting the kind of smile you would like. They are also effective because they will straighten your teeth, which you desire. However, before you get Invisalign, there are some things to consider.

1.  You Will Have To Take Care of Your Dental Care

Routine dental care involves brushing teeth and occasional flossing. However, when wearing Invisalign, you will need to be more conscientious with your dental hygiene routine because you will need to floss every day. You will also need to brush your teeth carefully to ensure you get rid of all food residue on your teeth.

Food particles can make it uncomfortable when you are wearing the treatment aligners. The food particles can also stick onto the Invisalign, which will make them not sit as they should on your teeth. Over time, it can cause your teeth to become straight partially. The other dental hygiene factor to pay attention to is brushing your teeth after every meal to prevent the Invisalign from causing the food particles to stick onto the teeth, making it harder to get off.

2.  It May Cause Speech Changes

When you first wear Invisalign, you may develop a slight lisp if you don’t have one. The reason for this lisp is that there is an additional item in your mouth which your mouth will take time to adapt to. With time and practice, the lisp will disappear because you will find that your mouth will get better used to the aligners and adjust to speaking with them in your mouth.

It is advisable to keep them on even when you feel very uncomfortable speaking with them to hasten the process of adapting to talking with them. The more you speak with them, the faster you will adapt to having them, and you will find that the lisp will disappear or become more manageable.

3.  There Are Variable Treatment Periods

The length of time the treatment using Invisalign takes is dependent on many factors. These include the desired results, the severity of the teeth’ crookedness, and how long you wear them. There is no one size fits for Invisalign treatments. It will take longer for people who require more work on their teeth. To get faster results, you should wear the aligners as much as possible to see results much faster.

If you do not need much work realigning your teeth, a few months are sufficient to get your desired outcome. To find the right professional, use the phrase “Invisalign near me” on a search engine and you will have a list of the top dentists in your area.

4.  You Will Use A Retainer After Successful Treatment

After Invisalign aligns your teeth, you will have to wear a retainer regularly to ensure that the results are maintained. If you do not wear a retainer, your teeth may start shifting from the aligned position to revert to their original position. The retainer prevents that shifting, so your teeth maintain their new shape. You must wear the retainer every night to see lasting results.

5.  You May Need Some Dental Work Before Getting Invisalign

If your teeth do not fit into the Invisalign or certain teeth are severely misaligned, you may need to get some work done before starting your Invisalign treatment. The best thing is to get professional dental advice about what options to take before you begin the Invisalign treatment.

With all the options presented, such as filing the tooth that is prominently out of place or your dental professional can advise on other options you can take. This prior work will ensure that your teeth are perfectly aligned as you desire once you go through the Invisalign treatment.


Invisalign is a great treatment to help realign your teeth and increase your confidence in your smile. Suited for people of all ages, Invisalign makes a great option for adults who do not want metal or colored braces. Before beginning the treatment, it is essential to consider what you need to do to ensure effective treatment.

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