Why Choose Nursing As A Profession? What are the Benefits?

Are you thinking of pursuing Nursing as a Profession? But, you are confused about why you choose Nursing? What are the benefits if you choose nursing as a Profession?


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In this blog, I’ll mention the overview and benefits of pursuing Nursing. Also, I will mention the reasons why you can choose nursing as a career.


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What do you mean by a nursing profession?

Nursing education is a career in which an individual has the opportunity to give care to others. One can help their patients to live better lives by sharing health information with them. A person who has an interest in research, bedside nursing , and advanced practice, nursing provides them the best opportunity to do these things.


Another best option to do nursing is nurses can be different kinds of nurses throughout their careers. For example, they can be pediatric nurses for some years; after that, they can pick to be critical care nurses for the next few years and then choose to become nursing tutors.


It is an amazing, satisfying career.


One piece of advice to remember always: Never forget the basics. Everyone needs a caregiver who cares about their wellbeing and comfort.


What exactly do nurses do?

Well, there are two types of nurses, according to the US. Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.


Registered Nurses: RNs are the backbone of healthcare organizations in the US. They provide crucial healthcare to the population whenever needed.


The key responsibilities of these nurses are as follows:


  • Before making decisions, they perform physical exams and health histories.


  • They provide health education, counseling, and promotions.


  • Coordinate care in collaboration with healthcare professionals.


Licensed Practical Nurses: LPNs supports the health care team. They work under the Registered Nurses and MD. LPNs provide basic and routine care to the patients. The nurses ensure the well-being of the patients throughout their healthcare process.


The key responsibilities of LPNs are:


  • Check the important signs of health are improving and worsening.


  • They perform basic nursing functions like changing bandages and wound dressings.


  • They ensure that patients are comfortable, well-fed, and hydrated.


Okay, now let’s discuss the benefits of pursuing Nursing as a career.


Advantages of Pursuing Nursing As A Profession

In the US, there is an incredible increment in the demand for nurses. It is predicted that more than a million nursing jobs are available from 2014 to 2022. The shortage of nurses is expected to continue through 2025.


For nurses, this shortage is an opportunity. They have an option to secure their jobs and to change their paths with the scope of nursing practice.


Moreover, nursing presently grants students to work in non-traditional work environments. Such as schools, parks, offices, and government agencies.


The median salary of registered nurses is $66,640. But there are also different ways to earn more as a nurse. The ways are:


  • Working overtime


  • On-call shifts


  • Travel to other high paying states


  • can become the nurse tutor


  • Working in high-paying healthcare centers by getting certifications and advanced degrees.


Nursing is a responsible and rewarding career. But it is not that much easy. Developing skills like compassion, inner strength, listening skills, and stress management help the nurses to face daily challenges.


Reasons To Pursuing Nursing As A Profession

To inspire you, the following are the reasons why to choose Nursing as a Profession:


Help the people in need

The nursing word is all about patients. If you are humane and strong enough to help those others, choose nursing as your career. From this career, you can save lives, bring happiness to others’ lives, and comfort those in need.


High Demanded Job

Thanks to the expanding population and the recently introduced National Disability insurance scheme. There is extremely growth in the demand for nurses. It is predicted that the number of registered nurses is expected to increase from around 280,000 in 2018 to 330,000 by 2023.


Room to Grow Professionally

Nursing has different career paths. If you wanted to improve the lives of older people, working in aged care would be great. If you want to help people recovering from illness or injuries, rehabilitation is a worthwhile career.


Learn Different Skills

In nursing, you will learn different skills. Such as basic infection control, human biology, referencing, research, and exam techniques. As you gain different levels of qualifications, you will continually progress in your career. You can start with an assistant in nursing, working under a registered nurse. As you gain more experience, you could become a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. Moreover, you might try to become a Nurse Manager or Nurse Educator. Simply say, there are many pathways to pick from.


Accompany Every Challenge

The situations can change fast in hospitals and the healthcare environment. A patients’ health can suddenly go worse, and it can be good. In this job, you have to look after more than a dozen patients simultaneously. If you are good at facing these types of situations, nursing is a good profession. At the same time, it might be challenging for you too.



To sum up, we can say that due to the increasing population, nurses are in high demand. And the healthcare centers continue to grow. I have mentioned the benefits and the reasons why you can choose Nursing as a Profession. If you are ready to help and save people’s lives, start your career by enrolling in it.

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