Vitamins and supplements for children

Vitamins and minerals are required for the normal functioning of the body. These micronutrients are mostly attained through dietary sources, as our body is unable to synthesize them.

Eating a well-balanced diet helps in getting the nutrients that the body requires. Eating sufficient fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, nuts help the body in securing these nutrients.

The requirement is even more so in children. Their bodies are still growing, so their need for nutrients is greater for to sustain their growth and development.

If they do not get the requisite nutrients, they then suffer from deficiency diseases that then have the parents running to the Child specialist in Lahore.

One-way doctors then try to remedy the deficiency problem is by prescribing supplements, however, they are not suitable for all children.

Who needs supplements?

There is a certain criteria for to use supplements. There are some fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin A, that our body can store. Too much of it then also has implications for the health. Therefore, do not just start giving your children nutritional supplements, confer with your doctor.

Some cases in which children may be suggested supplements include:

Allergies and intolerance

Food allergies may be one reason why your child need the supplements, as they naturally cannot take the nutrient from dietary sources. For example, some children with lactose intolerance cannot drink milk. Alongside alternate sources of milk, they might also have to take calcium supplements.

Bad eating habits

Some children have bad eating habit, in that they resort to junk food for sustenance. These foods are high in calories but offer little nutrition.

Lifestyle factors

Wanting to go vegan and vegetarian is your own personal choice, but people following such dietary practices, especially vegans, have higher risk of running into nutrient deficiency, which then requires the use of supplements for to fulfil body’s requirements.

Medical issues

Some children may not be able to get the requisite minerals and vitamins from their diet due to medical issues. Problems like cystic fibrosis and short bowel syndrome lead to issues with nutrient absorption in the body. Certain medication can also have this impact.

Picky eaters

It is extremely hard to feed the picky eaters. Naturally then, their nutritional needs are often not met. In such cases, parents need to then turn to supplements to help them vitamins and minerals required by their body.

Important minerals and vitamins

Parents also need to know which supplements they need to give their children, depending on their diet and requirement. Following are popular supplement choices:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, that helps in protecting the body. Moreover, vitamin C also helps in cellular growth and repair, which makes it even more important for children.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is required for to make strong bones. Since children are still growing, their requirement runs higher. Even though sunlight serves as an excellent source of vitamin D, however, those living in places with dearth of sunlight, the children may then face vitamin D deficiency.


Much like vitamin D, calcium also helps in making strong bones. It is also required for proper muscular contraction as well. While most children are fond of milk, some might not like it or suffer from allergies or intolerances that impedes their milk intake.

In such cases, taking calcium supplements is important. Otherwise, not only will the growth be jeopardized, but they might have fragile bones that are susceptible to breaking.

Fish oil

As most children are not comfortable eating fish, they often then run low on omega-3 fatty acid, which is imperative for brain functioning. Fish oil is also good for the heart. Hence, fish oil supplement comes in handy.


For children with low fiber consumption, taking its supplements is important. Otherwise, they suffer from chronic constipation, due to which parents make regular rounds to the Child specialist then.

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