Trello Rundown; Get to Know Everything About this Popular Software

About Trello

If you are reading this piece, you have probably heard a lot about Trello already but still cannot seem to make a decision about the software. Before we dive headfirst into telling you about various features in the software, we want to give you some background about the company too. The software was founded in 2011 by a company named Fog Creek. Since 2011, Trello has grown internationally as a main contender in project management software.

Trello adopts a Kanban style of planning which is very popular with users. The reason Trello became popular however, goes beyond just the Kanban style it adopts and is also facilitated by the fact that the software has a very user-friendly interface which makes it convenient to use. All in all, the Trello cost does not seem to deter anyone from using the software. In this piece, we will be going over all the features in Trello software which will help you conclude whether this is the right software for you. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this software, then keep reading because we lay it all out for you!

Top Trello Features

Customizable Dashboard System

The first feature in Trello software we feel the need to highlight is the dashboard feature since a lot of Trello reviews talk about this feature as well. This feature allows you to make changes and adjustments to your dashboard as you would please and prefer. The software allows you to create your own ‘trays’ on the dashboard which can be customized according to your needs. You can label them what you want; whether that is ‘work-in-progress’ or ‘ideas’ and then add cards to them as you please. This helps you and your team to organize your work in a way which suits your work style. This is a great feature in this software and is appreciated by a lot of users across the world!

Easy Editing

The software is very easy to use and has a simple user interface which is appreciated by a lot of users. The software allows for users to make easy edits on the software in terms of adding tasks, removing them, adding comments, and more. The software has a simple drag and drop feature built into it which allows for easy editing, replacing cards, taking them back and forth from one tray to another. The cards can also be easily edited any time after they have been added which is also very helpful! You can add or delete details according to what your wish is at any time. All in all, the easy and simple editing feature on this software really makes it easier to use the software.

Simplified Collaboration 

Collaboration is essential when it comes to team projects. With Trello software what makes the Trello cost worth it is perhaps how easy the software makes it to collaborate with others. The software allows everyone on your team access to the dashboard should you choose to give it to them. The software allows for users to be able to view the dashboard and hence be able to view which team member is in charge of which task and what their own role in the collaboration is. Everyone can view cards, add comments and make edits. Making comments and leaving feedback on the card itself makes it much easier to work on a project together as a team and this feature is highly appreciated by users!

Edit your Timelines

Another great feature in Trello software which definitely makes the Trello cost worth it is the timeline feature. The feature allows you to set a deadline for your tasks which means you are able to set a deadline for when you expect a certain task by your colleague to be handed in, in order for the entire project to be completed on time. The software helps to set your own deadlines, sends reminders for upcoming deadlines and all in all helps to make sure the project is being done on time. The software also allows you to integrate your calendar with the software so that your calendar is automatically updated with deadlines and dates you should be aware of in regards to your project!

Search Options

Another feature which is highly underrated in Trello but will make the Trello cost worth it for you is the search option. The software allows you to search for tasks or anything uploaded onto the software with its search option. You also have the option to add hashtags which can later be searched by you to see the tagged cards or uploads of relevance on the software. This feature makes it easy to look at previous projects and work done and helps you to make sure that you are able to always consult previous work done. This feature really allows you and your team to easily look at previous examples and what not!

Trello Cost 

Now we come to perhaps one of the most important aspects of deciding whether a software is right for you; the cost. In terms of cost, the Trello cost is quite minimal and easily afforded even by smaller businesses. The software has a free version which has limited features and only allows up to 15 members. However, the paid version costs about $5 per user which is very minimal. The low Trello cost is one of the main reasons why people love this software and tend to keep using it even when they grow bigger and can afford more expensive options!

Is Trello the Software for You?

Trello software is a great option considering the features in the software and the low Trello cost. We suggest you opt for a free trial of the project management software and then make your decision. We are sure whatever decision you make will be the right one!

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