Traditional Neon Lights Vs. LED Neon Signs; Which One is Best?

Neon lights have always been popular for their attractive and eye-catching hues. But LED neon signs are replacing these traditional lights nowadays due to their energy-efficient, environment-friendly and cost-effective nature.

If you are confused regarding the choice of the right neon lights for your business, then this article has got you covered. Keep reading till the end to get a valuable comparison.

What are LED Neon Signs?

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. These small diodes are packed into a thick plastic backing acting as LED neon signs. You can alter their shape and length according to your needs. Unlike typical neon, LED signs don’t use glass or neon gas. They are made from acrylic that is shatter-resistant, lightweight, and transmits light effectively.

What are Custom Neon Signs?

Neon signs are efficient light bulbs much similar to fluorescent lights. They are made with luminous gas-discharge tubes that emit attractive colors. Neon gas and argon gas in combination with mercury are the reasons behind the emittance of beautiful yellow, green, red, orange, violet, blue, pink, and white colors.

LED Neon Signs vs Traditional Neon; A comparison:

Let’s compare some salient aspects of both lights to know which one is better.


The price of both the lights depends highly on their sizes and designs. However, on a broad spectrum, we can say that LED signs are more cost-friendly as they are 10% less expensive than neon signs.

Besides initial cost, LED signs are the most energy-efficient in the long run as they consume less secondary power. So, if you’re looking for the best outdoor lights, then LED signs could be the right choice.


You can install glass neon lights only in safe places where their glass remains intact and protected from harsh environmental conditions. Since all the tubes contain gases, the glass must not break or crack. In case of any breakage, dispose of the lights immediately.

However, LED signs are bendable and easy to install. You can freely use them outdoors, indoors, in tight spaces, or wherever you want.


On a lighter note, traditional neon lights are much brighter than LED signs. They can be seen from long distances due to their attractive bright colors.


LED neon signs are safer as compared to traditional neon lights because they don’t contain any poisonous chemicals like mercury. Mercury is responsible for producing some colors in typical neon lights but it is toxic and can prove hazardous. Moreover, neon gas itself isn’t very safe for humans. Its direct exposure can harm people’s health.


As far as maintenance is concerned, neon glass lights demand regular maintenance. You have to replace the neon gas periodically for efficient lighting. Power terminals, delicate glass covering, and phosphor coating also needs to be maintained properly.

On the other hand, LED neon signs are an easy solution. They are protected by aluminum or silicon covering. There is no need to replace them unless they stop working.


The key to choosing the best light for your place is hidden in your need. If you want to add a retro vibe to your business and are not worried about expenses, then neon tubes are the best fit for you.

However, if you are looking for cost-friendly and durable outside lights, then LED neon signs might be your destination.

We have compared all the key features here for your convenience. Hopefully, it will make the choice easier for you!

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