Top Men’s head-shaving skincare tips for an effortless shave!

Head shave has emerged as one of the popular summer hairstyles of all time. Male pattern baldness is real and millions out there are going through it. Interestingly, it’s no longer associated with aging or embarrassment. When you look around, you’ll come across many famous and influential personalities who are incredibly successful and rocking the bold-bald look in style. So, if you too have decided to take the plunge and shave your head, there are certain necessary things to maintain.


For instance, having a good quality bald head shaver is essential. While manual razors do the job, it makes your skin surface rough and more prone to cuts and bruises. However, using a modern head shaver eliminates these risks while ensuring a quick and close shave. But is that all? Well, certainly not! When you go for a head shave, there are varied added responsibilities that come along. Post and pre-shave care are important that often get overlooked. That’s the reason why many assume that a bald head is unattractive. This stands true in cases where people neglect the care and maintenance that a shaved head requires.


Proper grooming is vital to making bald look good. Men’s head shaving is not just about shaving the head once in a while. It is a comprehensive regime that involves taking care of the scalp and hair growth. Neglecting scalp health is one of the most common mistakes that bald men do. Since the head surface is no longer protected by hairs, it is exposed to direct sunlight and dirt. This makes the scalp oily, itchy, and appears uneven. Therefore, providing it appropriate care and nourishment is important. Follow a proper head-shaving skincare routine and make your bald head look good and attractive.


You must have come across blogs and articles that emphasize the importance of grooming and care for a head shave. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the complete skincare routine that in addition to a bald head shaver will ensure an effortless head shave. Here are 3 simple tips that will help you in maintaining a shiny smooth bald head:


  • Moisturize – Skin surfaces that are exposed to direct heat, dust, and sunlight require proper moisturization to retain their smoothness. Be it facial skincare or shaven head skincare, moisturization is the key. Use a good-quality moisturizer that has essential oils and extracts to keep your skin feeling fresh and glowing. Apart from the quality of the moisturizer, it is important that you include it in your everyday grooming drill. Using it regularly will make your skin soft and shining all day long.
  • Exfoliate – While we may not see or feel it, our skin often builds up dust particles and dead skin cells that need regular cleaning. Using a mild exfoliator once or twice a week can help in getting rid of the dust and dead skin cells. This will ensure that your scalp is cleansed and oil-free. It also aids in smooth head-shaving owing to the lack of dirt or dead skin cells. Additionally, you can also apply SPF that best suits your skin. Applying SPF before stepping out will protect your head from sunburn and rashes.
  • Frequent washing – Some people believe that you no longer have to wash your head once the hair is gone. Well, that’s a big NO-NO! Whether you have a hairy head or a complete shaved dome, washing and cleansing it is a must. An unwashed head can make you look unappealing and aged. Washing comes before exfoliating and moisturizing. Use a mild and chemical-free shampoo to maintain the shine and smoothness of your shaved head.


Why skincare routine is important for bald heads?


The skincare routine as the name implies helps in providing the necessary care and nourishment to the scalp and head areas. Since the hair is gone, your scalp is exposed to external elements directly that can have severely damaging effects. Hence, every men’s head shaving regime must include a proper skincare routine. It not only helps in making the shaved head look good but also provides the necessary nourishment required.


You must have seen celebrities and other good-looking bald men who have a well-groomed hairstyle. Do you know what’s their secret to looking so presentable and attractive? Well, it’s just regular head-shaving followed by a basic skincare routine. Taking proper care of your scalp will make you look fresh, good-looking, and presentable. Once you shave your head, your scalp requires similar care and nourishment as other skin areas. It is the only way to be confident and make a positive impression both personally and professionally.


There You Go!


Bald can be a positive addition to your personality given that you maintain it well. While there are so many head shaving products available in the market, basic skincare should be a top priority. Following the above 3 basic men’s head shaving skincare tips will help you have a smooth and shining bald head effortlessly!

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