Looking Forward To A Holistic Life At The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

If you are someone who wants to explore holistic yoga, then Bali is the place to go to. There are many avenues which you can explore out there. While most of the students who head to Bali for yoga, want to enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, and become teachers, there is much more there. If you are of a similar mindset and want to experience pure bliss in the realm, then you must join Bali Yoga Retreats today. 

Learnings From The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

If you want to delve deep into Hatha Yoga or multi-style yoga, then this is the right course for you. It is not necessary for you to harbour dreams of becoming a yoga teacher, to enroll for this course, though. You may have done yoga in the past, but without a formal certification. The course which we are talking about here, can give you a professional certification. But it does not stop at just that. 

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, is a comprehensive course which includes yoga asanas, meditation, Pranayama, mantra chanting, bandha, and Satkarma Kriyas. Hatha Yoga is the basic yoga style that all students are made to start with. There are multiple reasons behind starting yoga practice with Hatha Yoga. It helps in building the foundation on which you can build your holistic life. If you opt for multi-style, you also get to learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga. It is a dynamic yoga style, which will see you practicing asanas in a sequence. The teacher often guides you in the class, until you are well-conversant with the asanas. You must allow your breath to drive the postures in this yoga form. 

In this yoga course, you will learn about the various intricacies, which most local yoga studios ignore. That is why, if you must learn professional yoga, you must join a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Without learning about the internal body, it can be difficult for you to teach others and also perfect your practice. Yoga philosophy is also another irreplaceable part of the course. When you are yourself convinced about the practice, its origins, and importance in life, then only you can develop that attitude to empower others. The school also places a lot of importance on teaching skills as well. Most would-be teachers rush to Bali for the same. Teaching yoga is really an art, which you need to master. Many people study various courses, but few can apply them to their lives. Additionally, there is another subject or speciality, which most yoga practitioners tend to ignore. Here we are referring to the alignments. 

Many students want to emulate what others are doing, and hurt themselves in the process. However, you will understand, once you join the course, that alignments are different for each one of us. Yoga is not a competition, though other competitive variations exist. If you want to master yoga in its truest form, you can do that at Bali. 

Exploring Life Along With The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

When you join the school in Bali, you are getting into much more than you expected. You will definitely learn about the various asanas, under Hatha Yoga. Sun salutations are something that you must perfect as well. You will get ample opportunities to explore other yogic subjects, like Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Tantra, and detoxification. 

  • Yoga Nidra is mainly about sleeping in a conscious state of mind. It improves the responses of the body. You will also come across the teachings of Lord Buddha, in this course. You will unlearn and relearn many things, when you start practicing Yoga Nidra, under trained experts. Bali Yoga Retreats is one of the best schools which teaches yoga in a truly holistic manner. You will also learn how to develop mental awareness and restraint. It is one of the most holistic avenues that you can explore, for all-round health. 
  • Tantra is another area, which is ambiguous for the outside world. Some view it as magic, or some mantras at work. But, Tantra in reality, is much more than that. In its truest form, it is the pathway through which you will be exploring Shakti, the female energy. It comes under Samaya Tantra. Tantra is a spiritual path, with different religious connotations. There are different versions of it. It is a pathway to liberation, in traditional ways. You will find several practices being performed, like ritual worship, evocation of deities, and the use of mandalas and mantras. It also takes into account nadis and chakras. Kundalini Yoga and Tantra are inter-related. 
  • Detoxification – The moment you enter the school in Bali, you will be entering a pure realm altogether. Firstly, you will be switching over to a Sattvic way of life. You will be on a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbal teas, and concoctions. The internal body system undergoes a sea of change, when you start a holistic yogic lifestyle. When you have to spend less energy on digestion, the body can direct all its forces towards the pursuit of higher objectives. Your mind also gets a boost. 

Yoga is not just about yoga asana, meditation, and breathing techniques. It is more expansive than you think it is. Those of you, who are looking at a holistic way of life, can enter this realm with lots of expectations. The school will definitely fulfil all of those, and much more. The yoga school in Bali is well-equipped to handle all your goals. 

The added benefit, is that you get a certification from Yoga Alliance, which is one of the highest certifications, which you can get in yoga. After the completion of the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you can apply for RYT 200, which is good enough for you to start teaching others as well. The ambience in Bali is the right one, to give you advancement in your yogic pursuits. So, head there right away! 


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