Mobile Website version vs. Slots Mobile Applications

A lot has changed over the last two or so decades, however, you would do well to find anything that has undergone larger changes than the slot gambling industry. Before the 21st century, you couldn’t even play slots online, but now you can even play them on your mobile phone! 

In fact, mobile UK slots online are by far the most popular type of casino UK slots to play nowadays, for a number of reasons. One thing that new mobile slot gamblers often wonder is whether it is best to download mobile slot apps or just play in their mobile website browser. Let’s take a look… 

Reasons to prefer playing slots on your mobile 

Before we get into the specifics when it comes to mobile slots, you might be wondering exactly why mobile slots have become so popular these days. And when we say popular we mean it, because over two thirds of slot gamblers now play exclusively on their mobiles. Here are some reasons to prefer playing slots on your mobile: 

  •         You can play from anywhere: As long as you have a valid Internet connection you can play mobile slots from anywhere. This gives mobile slots a huge practical boost over desktop slots, one of the main reasons why people love playing mobile slots so much.
  •         Better games: Although most slots are available on both the mobile and desktop platforms, nowadays slots are designed with mobile gaming in mind primarily. As a result mobile slots are often better than their desktop counterparts. 
  •         Touch screen controls: Mobile slots can also be a lot more satisfying to play simply because you can touch more of the screen to control them. On desktop computer slots you only have your mouse, whereas on modern smartphones the whole screen is at your command!

Mobile slot websites: What are they? 

Right then, those are a few of the many reasons why you would prefer playing slots on your mobile, so now let’s get into the specific ways in which you can do this. First on the agenda are mobile slot websites – what are they? Luckily mobile slot websites are very simple to understand, because they are quite literally what it says they are: mobile websites for slots. 

In most cases these websites are the same as online casino desktop websites in terms of how they work, the only difference is that they will be optimised for your mobile device instead of computer. 

A bit about slots mobile applications 

If you don’t want to keep using your mobile browser to play slots you also have the option of downloading apps from your favourite slots sites. Not all slots sites will have an app, however those that do give you the opportunity to have a genuinely unrivalled slot gambling experience. 

This is largely because slot mobile applications are designed to make everything as easy as possible, and they can even come with added bonuses too. 

Which is better? 

Casual mobile slot gamblers could easily get away with just playing slots using mobile websites, however if you really want the best experience it is well worth downloading a slots app.

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