Is there a list with all the available bingo calls?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of bingo is the bingo call. They are the fun, sometimes informative and witty phrases said by the bingo caller when they draw a number – also check out Temple of Isis.

Bingo Calls 

Bingo calls are some of the most popular aspects of the game. Players love the catchy and memorable phrases that the callers shout. 

  1. Bingo calls actually originated all the way bad in the mid 1800s. It is believed that they were used to keep members of the military entertained.
  2. Bingo calls have roots in working class British idioms. Many phrases that were used for bingo calls were actually popular working class sayings.
  3. As bingo calls became more popular, bingo callers found that coming up with unique calls was a great way of keeping the public entertained. 

Choosing the Best Bingo Site 

Choosing the best bingo site is an important factor which dictates how much a player will enjoy the game. There are several things which the player must consider when making this decision. 

  •     Bingo Brand. Some bingo sites belong to a brand, these brands belong to bigger companies which tend to offer other gaming experiences alongside bingo such as online casino games. A reputable brand is a good sign that the bingo site will be a positive experience.
  •     Size. Online bingo offers a range of bingo games for the player to choose from, unlike games in the bingo hall players can enjoy a variety of games at the click of a button. The amount of games that they offer is an important factor for some players.
  •     Payment Methods. Online bingo sites offer a variety of payment methods for players, with some being more suited for certain people than others. A big indicator of a disreputable bingo site is if they only offer certain payment methods to a player.
  •     Variety of Themes. Online bingo comes in all shapes and sizes, with a unique mix of themes that help to keep things interesting. A good selection of themes is something which players look for.

Complete List of Bingo Calls 

Finding a complete list of bingo calls is actually incredibly simple. Visit your favourite online bingo site and they are likely to have a section dedicated to their bingo calls. One issue that players may come across is that some sites have different bingo calls listed. For instance number sixty two can be called as either turn the screw or tickety boo depending on the bingo caller. Bingo calls can also be affected by woke bingo lingo. This is where some calls have been changed to better appeal to the millennial generation. For example, 88 two fat ladies have been changed to 88 Will’s and Kate. This makes the bingo call more topical and less offensive to people. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no definitive list of bingo calls, many of the calls will be different depending on where you are playing. However, there are some widely accepted bingo calls that players will encounter wherever they play.

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