How To Find Your Perfect Red Kratom Serving Size?

After so much buzz, now you want to try kratom? Are you confused about the dosage? This southeast Asian herb is under research, so people are not getting its benefit due to taking an inappropriate dosage. This article will help you find your perfect kratom red Borneo serving size.

As we know, the demand is increasing day by day in the market. It results in the lowering of the quality of the product. The potency also differs from one to another. However, it is vital to maintain the dosage. To maintain its effectiveness, one must manage the serving size. It is the essential part of consuming kratom. If you fail to do so, you may not get the desired effect, or you may have to deal with the various side effects.

Here we try to help you to maintain your perfect serving size. Before we go ahead, it’s vital to discuss some other aspects of kratom.


It is an incredible southeast Asian herb. It contains two active Compounds which specifically play an active role in benefiting people’s health. The first active compound present in it is mitragynine and the second one is 7- hydroxy mitragynine. These two induce anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic in the aromatic leaves of kratom. It helps us to cope with people from various physical discomforts. It also helps to boost energy, improve sleep, elevate mood, reduce anxiety, and increase relaxation.

Ways of consuming red Borneo kratom

Like all kratom strains, you can consume them in many forms. You can choose one consistent with your preference. Every type has its pros and cons. Discussing these will help you to find out the suitable way to intake.

  • Kratom powder – The powder form of kratom is available most readily in the market. It is available in grams, ounces, or kilograms. Most people prefer powdered herbs for consumption. They come in various varieties. You can also purchase it according to your needs.
  • Kratom capsules – These gelatin capsules come with kratom powder. Most people find it troublesome to maintain the dosage of kratom powder. So the manufacturers find this cure so that people manage their dosage efficiently. It is available in a bundle of 100,200,500 or 1000.
  • Kratom extracts – Extracts are the most potent kratom product. It is available in four extract They are liquid extracts, powder extracts, crystal extracts, and extract edibles.

How to find perfect serving?

Everybody reacts differently to kratom. Everyone sets different goals and wants varied effects from kratom. So there is no general kratom serving. You have to try different sizes and figure out your perfect size. Try one or two grams of kratom. Then wait for some time. After 1-2 hours, the kratom strain starts showing its magic. You can add or remove the amount as per your instinct. You have to follow this process several times to find your perfect size.

The effect also depends on the strain you are using. It is because every kratom strain grows under different climatic conditions. Cultivation of crops in different climates will alter their alkaloid profile. Due to its popularity, some vendors tend to use cheap products and make them contaminated. It is always advisable to get products from reputable vendors to buy the best products.

How to measure your kratom serving size?

There were many products available within the market. Every product has its concentration or measurement level. You can use that information to finalize your serving size. Most kratom consumers admit that they measure the product by spoon. They try to keep it consistent, but different kratom leaves work differently. It results in the fluctuation of serving.

For example, some people use crushed kratom leaves. It looks like a tea leaf. And when they buy kratom powder, they measure the powder with the same spoon. By doing this, they alter their kratom consumption as it is a well-known fact that a spoon full of powder is much more than a spoon of crushed powder.

It is advantageous to use a digital scale weight to make your measurements accurate. It helps to keep your serving size constant. But remember, various strains require different serving sizes.

Kratom serving size chart

Beginners can start using kratom in small amounts. They will be able to experience intense effects without any tolerance build-up.

  • Micro serving – It is less than a gram. It provides stimulation and boosts energy. It is best for beginners.
  • Standard serving – It consists of one gram to two grams. It helps in a refreshing mood, provides relaxation and sociability, and increases concentration. It is best to test the potency of every strain.
  • Moderate serving – It includes two to five grams. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, this serving size is suitable for you. It increases happiness, provides relief from discomfort, and improves mood.
  • Whole serving – It includes five to eight grams of the product. It provides peak analgesic effects It is suitable for experienced users. If you are a beginner, try to avoid consuming a large amount.
  • Extremely potent serving – It is over 10 grams. It may give you some unwanted side effects. If you consume kratom for an extended period, then only you can digest this serving. But it is fatal for beginners.

Note – Consumption of any strain of kratoms in high amounts is dangerous. One should be extra careful before consuming more than ten grams. You can not use it until the research proves that consumption above 10 grams is safe. After all, we consume it for its benefits, and we all know high amounts may adversely affect our bodies.

Final words

Kratom powder works differently on different bodies. It is impossible to generalize the dosages. One can only finalize it by trying out different serving sizes. However, consuming a high amount of this herb may adversely affect you. To take all the advantages of this beneficial herb without side effects, use it in fewer amounts. Try to buy kratom strains for depression only from reputable vendors to avoid contaminated and fake products.

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