How To Create A Video Collage In 5 Easy and Quick Steps

Want to stack all the cards in your favour? A compelling video can be an absolute game-changer for your business. Yes, you can easily engage your potential audience and help your brand stand out from the digital crowd by building a dynamic video collage. 

It is not difficult to follow the video marketing strategy. All you need is some knowledge, a good video maker to create video from images, effective messaging skills, and an idea that provides your viewers with the appropriate information to persuade them to purchase your product or opt for your service. 

Now, the question is: how can you make a robust video collage that hooks your online clients? Let’s find out. But before this, let’s understand exactly what a video collage is. 

What is Video Collage?

A video collage is a collection of videos and images featuring some background music. Instead of one single video, a collage can help you add more fun and zing to your regular video content and present your message in diversified ways. 

Why Use a Video Collage for your Business?

In the digital age, with the reducing attention spans, video content is a compelling way to reach a large audience quickly, especially on social media platforms. It is the perfect technique to grab the attention of your target customers, engage them through a story that highlights your vision or values or even sell a product or service by demonstrating the steps to buy or use it through your video collage. 

A single video collage can be used to showcase multiple pictures and videos and get more content to your viewers than you would by uploading many pictures separately. Audiovisual media is played automatically on many social media platforms. If you can reach out to your viewers with a catchy, on-trend video, it is sure to boost your brand presence and likeability.

Moreover, the best part of making a video collage is that it aids in adding the visual interest of the viewer. They can convey your message dynamically through a blend of video clips, texts, music, voice-over, subtitles, and images, that too within a shorter runtime. Thus, the video collage is considered the secret ingredient of video marketing. 

5 Simple Tricks to Create Video Collage Effectively

Making an appealing video collage is as easy as the ABC. To effortlessly create video from images, you need just five simple steps:

  1. Register on a Video Editing Platform

Once you install the software you want to use and run the installation file, you will be redirected to a sign-up page. Complete the setup process by following the on-screen instructions. 

Once you complete the sign-up process, you can even choose to subscribe to that platform for free (which will be the trial period). Opting for this option is recommended as you will get an idea about the utility of the video editing platform and subscribe for it as soon as the trial period ends. 

  1. Choose a Size and Layout

Choosing the size of the collage is the next step. You can mention your own dimensions of the images or select the pre-made blank canvas sizes option, ideal for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, etc. 

Once you have picked the size of the collage, then you need to mention how many cells you want to fill as it depends on your utility and the purpose of the video collage. For instance, the video collage should not comprise too many cells if used to convey brand information. However, to flaunt your range of products, you can add as many cells as you want. You can always add or delete cells later while creating the collage.

  1. Preview and Select a Template

In order to preview a template, click the template thumbnail and hit ‘Play’ in the player panel. One should choose the template that matches your project needs. Drag the template down to the timeline, and you will get an option to combine multiple video templates on your timeline. You can add them anywhere, where you think it fits the best, be it the beginning, middle, or the end. 

  1. Add Texts/Graphics to your Video Collage

Adding some dynamic texts and pleasing graphics to your collage design will uplift the quality of your video. But, remember, adding any texts or graphics will not be inserted into your cells; you can only line them up with the alignment tools, and the viewers will see them on top of your collage. 

  1. Replace Placeholders with your Media, and Publish

Are you looking to replace the clip with your desired image/video? The placeholders in the video can be easily replaced once you drag a clip from your library (the one you want to replace). You need to hold down the Ctrl button and release the mouse button, and it’s done. Continue this step until all the placeholders are replaced and clips have been updated. 

Saving and publishing the video is as easy as you can imagine. Hit the export tab to share it directly on social media platforms. Moreover, you can even create your video collage and download, embed, or repurpose it anytime.

Quick Tip: Preview your video collage once you finish creating it by hitting the play button. This will let you know all the flaws or any scope of improvement in your video. 

How to Choose a Video Collage Maker?

You must choose a video collage maker that enables you to create a highlight reel of all your favorite video clips and stitch together a video from the wedding, family vacations, sporting events, concerts, and much more. Let’s look at the factors to consider while you create video from images

  • Interface

The platform you choose must have an intuitive interface and provide you access to essential features such as drag and drop controls, simplified layouts, and options facilitating video creation.  

  • Publishing Options

The video collage maker should offer straightforward publishing options enabling the video collage export hassle-free. 

  • Stock Footage

Having several stock videos and images at your disposal is the cherry on the cake. Getting the pre-built stock footage library will increase the possibility of the success of your video. 

  • Templates

One must opt for the video maker providing you with hundreds of customizable templates, which will help you create a charismatic video within minutes.   

  • Email Campaign

Take your email blasts to another level by featuring your emails with video collages. 

  • Toolkit

The video maker should provide you with multiple options in their toolkit, from transitions to text animations, effects, stickers, and GIFs. 

  • Landing Page

The primary purpose of creating the video collage is to inspire your target audience and enable them to take the following action after watching your videos. You can achieve this once you build effective landing pages.

Final Words

This article underscores the importance of creating video collages to promote your business. These are the 5 simplest tricks that will help you create a collage seamlessly. Follow them to create a wow-worthy video marketing strategy.

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