How Difficult is Mera Peak Climb?

Mera Peak, the highest trekking peak of Nepal, is a dream destination for climbers worldwide, particularly newbies. The mountain is in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas and has three summits, namely Mera North(6,476m), Mera Central(6,461m), and Mera South(6,065m). 

Every year hundreds of climbers summit the peak. In fact, Mera Peak is the most popular trekking peak in Nepal. That is why many people have many queries about the peak and expedition. One of the most frequently asked questions is “How Difficult is Mera Peak Climb?” 

In this article, we’ll try to answer the questions related to the difficulty of the Mera Peak Climb. Let’s begin.

As you know, the difficulty level of any expedition relies on certain factors. We are going to talk about the Mera Peak Climbing based on various difficulty factors down here:

Difficulty Elements of Mera Peak Climbing


Climbing Mera Peak is an eighteen days long expedition. You have to reach the summit after trekking through the Everest Region in those days. Most of the days of the tour, you’ll be either trekking or climbing. You have to walk for around 6-7 on average throughout the trip. You will spend about 15 days in a high area of Nepal. It can be challenging for a novice trekker and climber to do. 

Climbing Route

There are three routes to the top of Mera Peak. Route 1, which goes via Zatra La Pass and Tagnag, is difficult. The route is quicker, and suits experienced climbers who do not require much acclimatization. 

On the other hand, you have Route 2, a slower and straightforward route. The route gives you enough time to settle in the region. It is highly recommended to novice climbers. 

Lastly, the third route to Mera Peak is the longest one. It goes through the regular Everest Base Camp Trek route. This route is also a prolonged one suiting the newbies. Therefore, the route you are taking impacts the difficulty level of the climb.    

Technical Section

Mera Peak is a graded PD(slightly easy) mountain according to the Alpine Grading System. The cliffs with that grading have few technical sections and involve glacier climbing. So Mera Peak has some technical areas that are easy to cross. And the peak has more glacier climbing. Other than that, the mountain is an easy climb.  

Mera Peak is not a challenging climb if you know basic climbing skills.  


Another factor influencing Mera Peak Difficulty level is its distance. On the Mera Peak expedition, you will cross over 78 miles. You will be pushing hard on the steep, rough, and high trails. The climb can be challenging if you are not used to such routes and distances. To prepare yourself for this challenge click this article that focuses on how to train for a big hike.

Weather Condition

The weather and climate conditions of the Khumbu Region during the climb can be another hassle. It is never sure when the weather changes in the mountains. You have to deal with cold temperatures in the morning and night hours. While in the climbing camps, you have to live inside camping tents under extreme cold. Hence, these specific weather conditions can test you.    

Elevation Chart

The elevation of the expedition can be a concern for some climbers. The pinpoint of the climb is 6,476m. You will touch that elevation. Also, you will be in the higher areas most of the time during the climb. There can be issues dealing with the high elevation and mountain sickness.  

At Last

So the above factors are the deciders of Mera Peak Climbing. By looking at those factors, you can determine the difficulty level of the climb. Compared to the other ascents in Nepal, Mera Peak is an easy expedition for beginners. The peak has quite a few technical parts. Anyone with basic climbing training and good physical strength can scale Mera Peak.

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