Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Workplace Anxiety

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, workplaces always bring along anxiety. It’s the same for everyone out there. What matters is how you manage your workplace anxiety.

If you keep ignoring it, it will start consuming you and that will eventually affect your performance. Hence, you must look for ways to counter workplace anxiety. To help you out, I have come up with some effective and simple stress busters. Have a look:

Start Your Day with a Walk 

The way you start your day is important. It sets your tone for the rest of your day. Thus, to keep workplace anxiety at bay, you must start your day with a morning walk. A few minutes of morning walk will eliminate stress and leave you fresh and energized.

Either you can walk at home or visit a nearby park. The idea is to walk outside in nature. The greenery can help you relax and lower your stress levels significantly. Hence, you must spare a few minutes every day for a walk.

Skip Your Morning Coffee

While you may consider it necessary, caffeine has more demerits than merits. It may make you feel energized for a few minutes but trust me; it’s a depressant. That’s right, guys. Caffeine can increase your stress levels.

Therefore, you need to skip your morning coffee and look for an alternative. You can have a glass of fresh juice instead or a warm cup of green tea. Both are great as they won’t make you jittery or restless.

Find a Divergent 

This one is really important if workplace anxiety is persistent in your life. You need to look for divergence, something that takes your attention off the stressor and relaxes you for a bit.

What is it that you enjoy? For example, I like having a flavored vape whenever I’m anxious or not in a mood to talk to someone. It’s just something I enjoy. If you have any similar interests, go for them. It will divert your mind for some time.

Chew Something

Here’s a silly yet effective stress buster! Whenever you feel anxious or restless at work, take a piece of gum and chew it for a few minutes. Make sure to chew it hard and you’ll see how it will take your anxiety and irritation away.

For this, I recommend you always keep a pack of gum in your bag. In case you’re not a fan of chewing gum, you can have candy instead. The idea is to chew the thought that makes you anxious at work.


Meditation is another great way to reduce your workplace anxiety. It comes with an ability to relax your mind instantly, taking your attention away from the stressors. All you need to do is pick a quiet corner and meditate for a few minutes.

For those who remain anxious at work, I suggest they meditate twice a day as their everyday ritual, once in the morning and once before bedtime. It’s a great way to fix most of your physical and mental health issues.

Read Inspirational Stories

The Doe stories offer insight into many interesting and inspirational real-life events. This can elevate your mood and relax you considerably.

The Takeaway 

Life is not easy for anyone and the same goes for a job. Workplace anxiety is common for people. Thus, you don’t have to judge yourself for it. Simply follow the tips mentioned above and keep your workplace anxiety at bay. Good day!

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