Factors To Consider When Selecting A Gaming Mouse Mat

Gaming mouse mats can affect your mouse movement and cursor control. It might not be obvious to ordinary computer users but for gamers, the mouse mat’s texture is as important as the type of mouse they use.

Selecting a mouse mat for novices might prove challenging especially if they do not know what to look for. There are several aspects of gaming mouse mats that you should consider deciding on the mat to purchase.

The Surface Material

There are two types of surface materials for mouse mats: hard and soft. Each has its advantages and preferences are subjective. It is however important to understand the pros and cons of each before settling on either. You can see some examples at

Soft Mouse Mats

These are made out of cloth.

You can easily move around with a cloth mouse mat since all you have to do is fold and put it in your pocket. The relatively rough cloth offers sufficient friction for the mouse which increases control and precision. This comes in handy during highly competitive games.

It is less noisy compared to a hard mouse since the cloth does not make any sound even when banged.

The downside of cloth mouse mats is the constant need to be cleaned. Fabric collects dust very fast compared to other types of material. If you get a fabric mouse mat, get ready to wash it now and then.

Hard Mouse Mats

These are made out of plastic and aluminum

Cleaning a plastic or aluminum mouse mat is easy compared to washing a dust-laden fabric mouse. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet or dry cloth and be done with it. They are also waterproof hence serving frequently sweating users perfectly.

Things get hard when working with hard mouse mats when you need to move and cannot fold and pack your mouse mat. You cannot just fold an aluminum mouse mat.

The Size

Gaming mouse mats are available in different sizes but most gamers prefer large mats because of the added space. With a large mouse mat, you glide to the edges without running off the gliding surface. The mouse grip style doesn’t affect the effectiveness of large mouse mats as they can accommodate any style.

Large mouse mats are preferred by low DPI users due to the large space available for gaining as much cursor movement as possible.

There are however some gamers who prefer high DPI and find large mouse mats inconvenient. Small mats are also very easy to work with since they can be placed on any part of the desk without causing a space shortage.

Extra Features

You can look out for any special features in mouse mats to improve your gaming experience. These features include:

  • Wireless charging for wireless mice and other devices
  • RGB lighting to create the ultimate gaming atmosphere
  • USB ports for connecting your mouse closer to the mat rather than drawing the wire from the computer.

Take Away

A mouse mat is a surface on which you glide your precious mouse all day long, why not select the best there is. The options available in the market are endless and without proper knowledge, a buyer might get confused and end up buying a second-class product.

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