Factors to consider before buying an RC helicopter

People crave excitement and thrill in gadgets nowadays. And this is true for kids as well. One such item getting popular is the RC helicopter. One of the most enjoyable pastimes for both kids and adults is owning and operating such a helicopter. Since not everyone can own a real aircraft, more and more people are taking up the sport of flying RC vehicles, which may seem quite realistic.

You can find miniature aircraft in almost every size, style, and shape conceivable. Most radio-controlled ones employ a portable remote with an antenna that transmits signals to the IR receiver on the aircraft. Anytime you feel like doing an exciting outdoor activity, all you have to do is grab your heli and head outside into the yard or a large empty field.

However, before buying a remote controlled helicopter, note a few points.

Power source

Electricity is typically used to power an inexpensive RC helicopter. It often has a battery pack. However, because of how they function, these RC vehicles tend to use energy rapidly. For instance, most helis only have a five to ten-minute range per charge. You can try to invest in the more expensive gasoline types, as they will extend your flight length and speed up refilling.

Number of channels

For controllers, they receive radio signals that they interpret into various movements. Every action requires a transmission channel, and since two channels are minimum for aircraft, novices should stick with fewer channels. Forward and reverse motions will be added between the three channels. This will enable you to choose the suitable heli more effectively.

The Type

Some aircraft have a simple mechanism and are primarily kid-friendly toys with straightforward controls and functionalities. At the same time, other variants are more sophisticated, hobby-grade models with a broader range of instructions. Since these models are more expensive, you must consider the price and the reason behind buying them.

Material Used

After deciding if you want a high-end model or a kid’s simple toy, you must examine its structure. Beginner-level models are frequently composed of more robust materials to withstand collisions. Others will employ lighter materials to increase flight efficiency.

Also, it helps to think about how it was all put together in constructing the model. A complete model is essential for beginners. And hobbyists might choose a kit.

What accessories are provided?

These days, helis are so much more than just a way to kill time. Sometimes, they can even be used for photography and filming. Therefore, it is important to look at what accessories come with the RC helicopter.

If you find a cheap model without any accessories, you must remember to look at the price of the accessories that you may need to use your RC heli, and include the cost of accessories to the cost before comparing it with other models or brands.


While making your checklist, remember to prioritize your requirements. Some may want a decent quality RC chopper that fits into their budget, while others may not have any budgetary restrictions, but want a specific model for a specific purpose. Prioritizing your needs and wants will help you choose the right RC helicopter based on your requirements.

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