Eternals: 10 Superhero Characters Who Saved The World

Are you a fan of superheroes movies with exciting powers to dominate the world? Then you must also be the fans of ancient aliens presented by Marvel Studios in the movie Eternals. It should be noted that this movie has a twisted plot, and it’s not simple like others. The movie focuses on the fighting of aliens towards evil forces deviants.

Moreover, the movie includes ten main characters whose purpose is to protect the earth from evil forces and lead evolution. Saving humanity from evil is the sole purpose of these aliens in the movie. Salma Hayek has played the leading role in this movie as the character Ajak who promoted spirituality.

Let’s discuss more the storyline, superhero characters, and the theme of the movie in this article.

The movie Eternals and its cast:

Marvel Cinematic Universe created the movie Eternals which is a fantasy, violent, and action movie. Moreover, this movie is full of adventurous thrill and an interesting storyline by the director Chloe Zhao. Kevin Fiege and Nate Moore have produced this fictional movie under the direction and writing skills of Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo.

Eternals release date is November 5, 2021, and this movie has a cast of some amazing actors and actresses. It should be noted that this movie is 2 h 37 m long full of thrill and fantasy. Following is the list of Eternals cast who played the amazing role in the movie:

  • Angelina Jolie (Thena)
  • Kit Harington (Whitman)
  • Salma Hayek (Ajak)
  • Gemma Chan (Sersi)
  • Lia McHugh (Sprite)
  • Richard Madden (Ikaris)
  • Sammy Sheldon (Costume designer)
  • Ben Davis (Cinematographer)

Important events in the movie:

Marvel presented movie Eternals include a series of important life events in this movie. It should be noted that all these events are highly essential to study, and their superhero characters present these events. Let’s discuss the essential events of the universe discussed in this movie:

Big Bang:

The movie has highlighted this major event of the big bang as the creation of infinity stones. It should be noted that this is the event that caused the creation of the universe millions of years ago. The fictional character of the movie Arishem unleashed the ball of energy which has created a manifest universe.

Ambush in Mesopotamia:

Deviants made the first count against the Eternals who settled this all as a settlement of Mesopotamian. It was a major event shown in the movie highlighting the fight of aliens and the deviants who were evil characters.

Battle of Babylon:

The aliens fought a battle against the Deviants in the ancient city of Babylon under the leadership of Enkidu. In the movie, deviants are the evil character who wanted to destroy the city of Babylon due to its expanding population and developing phase.

The ancient aliens of marvel eternals fought against these characters to save the city referred to as the battle of Babylon.

World War 2:

The movie includes the character of Aliens who protects the earth from all the evil forces and destruction. Somehow, all these battles and war events relate to world war 2.

The pashtos in the movie created weapon inventions that related to the Japanese city bombing. Various events of the movie relate to world war tragedies.

Traits of the movie characters:

The Eternals possess specific traits and characteristics as they represent the superhero characters protecting the world from evil and destruction.Following are some special characteristics and traits of these superheroes:

  • They are aliens, and they have different characteristics than humans
  • Moreover, the Eternals are strong and agile to fight against evil characters
  • Also, one of the main characteristics of these aliens is that they can live forever without any fear of dying or getting older or weaker
  • You should keep in mind that these characters don’t possess an organic body like humans
  • Instead, their body is synthetic which has other matter in its formation
  • These superhero characters bleed something red which resembles blood on injured, but it’s not blood
  • Have metallic muscular structures and skeletons inside their skin
  • Also, marvel eternals can survive without oxygen in a vacuum
  • They are artificial characters who have no biological traits
  • You can erase or analyze any event from their memory
  • Moreover, they can re-manufacture after the destruction

Everything the movie Eternals:

  • It’s an Oscar award-winning movie under the direction of Chloe Zhao
  • The cast of Angelina Joli as Thena, and Richard Madden as Ikaris raised the interest of people to watch this movie
  • Angelina Joli’s diabolical character is complicated and complex which the audience love
  • All these characters represent love, comic, fiction, adventure, and thrill
  • On the other hand, Thanos is an evil character who plays the role of a bloodthirsty and strong villain
  • It should be noted that this movie followed the movie Avengers: Endgame
  • The movie includes the events from thousands of years ago in history in its storyline
  • Also, the superhero characters appeared thousands of years ago to protect the earth and civilization
  • The characters Sersi, Dane, and Ikaris have a love triangle relationship between them
  • Eternals cast Sersi and Ikaris are so close and shares intimate moments between them on arriving earth
  • The characters play the role of saving the universe from evil threats and destruction
  • Deviants are evil characters who have the monstrous design
  • This movie has a lot of fan following and grossed about $400 million from all over the world in 2021

Ending note:

In this article, we have put light on the movie Eternals, its main characters, the theme of the movie, and all the important events. Moreover, we also talked about the Eternals release date, and the amazing cast of the movie. The immortal aliens protected the world from evil forces and destruction from deviants.

You can watch this movie on Disney+, and also other streaming platforms at home. Also, this movie has remained as one of the highest budget earning movies with a revenue of $402 million.

Keep reading our articles to know more about your favorite movies and interesting storyline of these movies.

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